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This Career Choice is More Challenging than it Seems

Acting may look easy, but that’s only because those on the big screen make it appear that way.  And, they do it so flawlessly, it looks like they’re everyday people who got lucky.  Many newbie actors think there’s nothing to it, but the truth is, acting is an art form.  Just as you cannot expect […]


You are What You Think You are

We naturally self-sabotage.  It’s just part of being human.  We are our own worst critics.  This can work to your advantage, of course.  Your inner critic can push you do go further, do better, keep going.  But, when self-sabotaging gets too overwhelming, it can have the reverse effect.  It can make you feel as if […]


Media Terms You Need to Know…Now!

Your brand is the most important aspect of your marketing.  There are a few terms every actor should know when working on their branding and gaining media exposure. Public relations (PR). This one is fairly self-explanatory – it’s your relationship with the public.  It is the image you present to others, and one that can […]


What Should Your Social Media Front Look Like?

There are so many mixed messages out there regarding how to present yourself as an actor or model on social media.  You may have heard that you should have an account separate from your personal account so you can keep things “all business.”  But, this simply isn’t the case.  If you’re looking to build a […]


How to Prepare to Sign with a Modeling Agency

When you’re looking for a modeling agency, you’ll want to make sure you don’t sign with just any fly-by-night company.  There are a few agencies that are well-established and have been around for years.  You are your own best advocate when it comes to getting a foothold in the industry and you’ll want to do […]


Late Start? How to Still be Successful

If you’re getting your start in the industry or returning to entertainment after taking a substantial break you may feel a bit lost at first.  Where should you start?  What’s different about today’s industry than the industry of twenty years ago?  Here are some tips for making it big when you make it later in […]


Integrating All You Do into a Flawless Future Plan

When you are first starting out in entertainment, you’ll likely have a “day job” that you’ve been working for some time in preparation to make this transition.  And, this job may have to stick around for a while until you get a solid footing.  That’s okay.  But, it’s great if you can maximize your reach […]


The Most Commonly Made Modeling Mistakes

So, you’ve got the look, the drive, and the focus to be the next most-recognizable model.  That’s a great start.  But, you’ll also need to know how to navigate this ultra-competitive industry.  Here are a few mistakes all newbie models need to avoid. Flight by Night Photographers. Some of the best images can come from […]

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