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Set Daily Intentions for Success

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If you feel disorganized, overburdened, or otherwise exhausted by your daily to-dos, know this is common.  Many entertainers are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities on the daily.  You are essentially your own boss, which means you’re responsible for booking gigs and getting paid, and this takes hard work.  It can help to break down your task list, however, into smaller, more manageable segments so you feel more adept to take it on and start crossing things out.

One way in which you can make your routine more manageable is to set daily intentions.  Giving yourself a specific purpose each morning will keep you motivated to continuing pushing forward.  This will likely mean shifting around your to-dos a bit to ensure you’re meeting your own expectations by night fall.

Start by identifying goals you want to reach – eventually.  This could be your monthly, bi-yearly, annual, or five-year plan.  The timeframe is up to you.  Determine how far you’ll need to go depending on the goals that come to mind.  Then, create intentions to work with that will help you reach these long-term objectives.

For example, say you want to get in shape before a beach shoot you’ve scheduled six months out.  What can you do right now to get there?  If you haven’t been exercising and eating healthy, you can set this intention for yourself beginning today so by the time six months is through, you will have more easily accomplished your plan.

If you want to land a featured role on a film, set an intention to start from the ground up today.  Search for background castings and nonfeatured roles, and research union acting opportunities.  Small, specific milestones will eventually get you to where you want to be.

If you plan to incorporate self-care into our routine, identify activities that interest you and find a way to fit them in.  For example, if you enjoy running, you may decide to get up an hour earlier to go for a morning jog before things start piling up.  Or you may want to call it a day an hour before you normally would, so you have time for an evening run.

Providing yourself with some morning motivation will help you maintain focus.  Otherwise, your thoughts will race, reviewing everything you need to accomplish to get to where you’re headed.  Start small, take baby steps, and your intentions will set a clear path to success.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!