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What is Nine9 the UnAgency?
We are a talent service company where our main objective is to aggressively market our talent to appropriate castings and opportunities within the entertainment industry.

What is the difference between Nine9 the UnAgency and an agency?
Unlike an agency, Nine9 does not take any type of commission or percentage from opportunities booked through the company. Nine9 also provides talent with training through our event program.

What types of opportunities does Nine9 have?
We work with a wide array of castings directors and clients. A little bit of everything: print, editorials, ads, commercials, runway, theater, TV, film, extra work.

Can Nine9 guarantee me work in the industry?
No one can guarantee you work in the industry.

Where are you located?
We have locations nationwide including Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, DC, Houston, Miami, and New York. Visit nine9.com/offices for all locations.

Does Nine9 The UnAgency work with pets?

Does everyone just get signed with Nine9?
We work with anyone who has a great attitude and wants to gain exposure through use of the services at Nine9!

Do you represent voice over talent?
Voice-Over Talent are welcome to join us, if they are also interested in regular modeling/acting gigs. They can include their voiceover links embedded on their digital composite card.

Can I call a talent and get feedback from them?
We do not ask talent to take calls on our behalf from other prospective talent, simply because of our size. We get over 60,000 applications every month at Nine9 from prospective nationwide talent. We could not ask a talent of ours to handle the kind of volume that our company produces in interested applicants daily.  If you want to see feedback from our current and former talent you are welcome to view the Success Stories section on our website

Can I transfer to another area or office once I’m a talent?
Yes, once you sign up with Nine9, you are in our nationwide network, which means we can submit you out wherever you are located, just let us know so can update your account.

What are work permits for minors?
Work permits are for minors under the age of 18, it’s a written agreement entered between the employer and the governing school district.

How do I get my child a work permit?
You can get your child a work permit during the school year; the school district should be able to issue your child a work permit.