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Castings and Auditions

What types of opportunities does Nine9 help provide?
We work with a wide array of castings directors and clients. A little bit of everything: print, editorials, ads, commercials, runway, theater, TV, film, music videos, extra work.

How do you help me get auditions?
There are several ways our talent receive opportunities.  Over the past 15 years we have built strong relationships with thousands of casting companies, directors, agencies, producers and other clients.  These clients come to us directly looking for talent.  They can either request to receive digital package of our talent from our Castings Department or login to our website with their company username and password and browse our database of talent directly.  Clients also have the ability to post casting calls on our website for our talent to submit themselves to directly.  In addition, our Castings Department staff aggressively seeks out opportunities for our talent and new clients who are looking for models and actors for their projects.  The benefit of an industry professional to use our talent over other casting companies and agencies is unlike them, we do not charge any fees or commissions to clients and we offer our office space to them at no charge as well.

How much money can I make?
How much money you make in this industry will vary and may depend on a multitude of factors including but not limited to: your geographic location, your talent or ability, your look, your flexibility in schedule in order to take gigs, casting directors or agents being interested in you, your perseverance, your willingness to take rejection and keep going, the jobs out there available for your look/ability/location, and also a little bit of luck. Since there are so many factors that go into the success of any individual in this industry we can not give anyone an estimate of how much money they would be making in the entertainment industry.

Will you pay for my travel to a job or casting?
No, we do not provide compensation for travel, nor do we provide transportation.

What does BG Stand for?
BG Stands for Back Ground in the industry.

What is TFP?
TFP stands for Trade for Print, that’s when a photographer agrees to provide the model with a certain number of photos in exchange for the models time and willingness to take the photos.

What are Events?
Nine9 hosts monthly Events in each of our offices that includes workshops, classes, meet & greets and more. We provide a wide variety of Training Courses and Meet & Greets to our talent through our monthly Events. We bring in industry professionals to host and teach a wide variety of workshops from modeling and acting classes to dance, vocal, fitness and nutrition courses.

Do we pay extra for the events?
While these types of classes can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, these training courses are included with our talent’s subscription. These Events are designed to help talent build their skills and gain valuable training they can add to their resume.

How many Events can I attend?
You can attend any event that you fit the criteria for, just make sure to RSVP before attending.

How do I submit myself out to a casting?
To submit yourself out to castings you must follow the submission instructions held in the description of the casting, the instructions change depending on what the client is looking for you want to make sure to follow the instructions as much as possible to increase your chances of getting booked for that project.

What is the My Matches Section?
The My Matches Section is casting currently posted that you fit the criteria for, if you fit the age range, ethnicity, gender and state of which the casting is being held you will find it in your my matches section.

How will I know if I’m being submitted out to castings?
Once you’re a talent with Nine9, in your account you will see all the castings you’ve been submitted out for in the Industry Views section.

What is an Open Casting Call?
An open call is a casting you don’t have to submit yourself out for, you can simply just show up to the audition.

How do I get paid if I’m booked on a paid project?
You would get paid by the client directly, you will need to fill out an Invoice and the check typically takes 30 to 60 days.

Why would I want to do Castings if they aren’t paid?
Experience, Exposure. The more work you do the more experience and exposure you will receive in the entertainment industry.

If I get requested do I have to attend the audition?
No, you don’t have to attend any casting you don’t want to be a part of.

How do I pause my membership?
To pause your membership you can send an email to Talentservices@nine9.com