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Georgia Mitropoulos


Georgia is a New York City based photographer who shoots nationally. She has a wealth of experience, including being the former Creative Director of Alice Magazine, which is one of the premier fashion magazines in New York. She expanded from Alice and is currently an Editor for Riot Documentum Magazine. At Riot Documentum, Georgia has had the opportunity to grow while not just doing photography but also interviews. Georgia’s unique talents extend into fashion design and model management. In 2014 she worked alongside Rushka Burgman , L’Uomo Vogue and Vogue Italia and Nikki Manaj for the 2014 VMA’s. Her agency experience includes such prestigious companies as RE: Quest and Major Model Management.

Georgia has also worked hand-in-hand with models to build strong portfolios. Portfolios for talent with agencies such as IMG, Wilhelmina, Ford Models, Fusion Models and Muse. She has also been a stylist for many publications like Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Flaunt and Vogue.

Even with such an impressive resume Georgia’s first passion is photography and we are proud to have her alongside us. Georgia works with Nine9 to and promote Nine9 talent nationwide that are ready to take that next step.

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Jason Bush

Detroit, Michigan

PREPPYMAN is a portrait, fashion, and commercial photographer based in Detroit Michigan.

Musician turned photographer, his passion for photography started at a very young age. The youngest of 8 kids, he grew up in a very artistic household where music, painting, art and fashion design were the everyday norm. After teaching himself the technical side of photography, he strives to become well known in the world of portrait and fashion photography. His goal is to capture bold and unique imagery for his clients. An important piece of his business is authenticity and celebrating the clients each person has a unique story to tell and he appreciates being the one to document that story for them.

Preppymans work can be seen in many publications to include art of portrait magazine, volant magazine and oh la la magazine to name a few. He has also worked with countless models and agencies building portfolios. Said to be one of the top portrait and fashion photographers in Detroit, Preppyman is on his way to becoming a household name.

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Rex Lott

New York, NY

Excelling in fashion & beauty photography, as well as head shots, Rex Lott first dipped his toes into his passion at the age of 15. Clicking pictures at a young age, he knew that the camera would be an integral part of his life. And he was right – this was the passion that eventually turned into a full-time career for this excellent photographer.

Graduating from Ohio State University in 1994 with a degree in photography, he soon moved to Miami. And so started his professional career. But this was just the beginning. It was followed by two years of intense experience shooting for different agencies, boutiques, and magazines. As he learned more and more about photography, he also began discovering his own style. Finally, in 1997, he was approached with a unique proposition by two of his friends. These two were models at Click, New York, and were in need for shooting different pictures. Rex gladly obliged, and as he went in to submit a film from the photo shoot, things took a turn for the better. Frances Grill, the owner of Click, was in thoroughly impressed. He saw incredible talent in the photographs and so offered him a job instead. 10 days later, Rex was working as an assistant to the bookers and as a chaperon for the model’s apartment. Another year passed by and he was already the director of New Faces.

After 8 long years of an incredible job at Click, Lott finally decided that it was time to return to his passion. So now, while he continues to maintain a brilliant relationship with Click, he has devoted his time to working as a full time photographer instead. His talent and experience have landed him many prominent clients. Just to give you a clear idea, he has worked with Irene Marie, Karin, Michelle Pommier, Next, and Elite, among many others.

Rex’s Words of Wisdom:
The best thing I can tell an upcoming model is to always be professional and full of life! When it comes to a good shoot, it is a give and take relationship. We photographers feed off of the model’s energy – so don’t wait for us to add the spark, but create it yourself. If you’re nervous, you don’t have to be. Instead, just savor the moment and don’t be afraid to step out of your shell. To be a model is to act as you project a part of yourself to that camera. So allow yourself to become the character you’re depicting, and don’t be afraid to experiment with it – be open, be you. The photographer is your friend – the more you are willing to give, the better the final results will be!

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Alex Goykhman

Chicago, IL

One of the best fashion and glamour photographers in the market, Alex Goykhman is based in Chicago. He, along with his excellent team of hair and make up artists, have made a reputation for themselves. They are known for delivering some of the highest quality photographs out there. It’s because of this that models and many big companies frequently seek them out in the windy city just for a single photo shoot.
The quality of his images is astounding. In fact, they wouldn’t even appear out of place on a magazine cover. So it is no wonder that his studio in downtown Chicago is always busy.

But that’s not all, his talent has taken him across the whole of United States as well. In fact, he has traveled to various cities including NYC, Miami, Omaha, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and many more upon special request. As clients actively seek him out, Alex Goykhman has become one of the best known glamour photographers in the business. And just to give you an idea of his sheer popularity, here is a small snippet of his client list.

Goykhman has worked for:
Anheuser-Busch, the company that owns the world famous ‘Budweiser’ brand
Miller Brewing Company
Ford Motors
Lockheed Martin
Joico Hair Products
Ultra Records
United States Census Bureau
United States’ Department of Homeland Security
WWE Entertainment

However, these big names are just a small section of all his clients. The Chicago based photographer has truly managed to carve a corner for himself in the competitive world of fashion and glamour photography.

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Tolga Kavut

Miami, FL

Tolga Kavut is a professional photographer, specializing in fashion and portrait photography with a style consisting of colorful and story telling imagery. Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business he believes that great creativity often is the result of team effort and values working closely with his clients. Based in Miami, Florida Tolga and his team are ready to create outstanding visuals for you.
Tolga has been considered one of the best photographers in miami for more than 10 years. He is also considered one of the fashion photographers in Miami for clothing brands and private clients. The most reputable talent agencies and creative directors in Miami have Tolga at the very top of their recommended photographer’s list.
Tolga has been a Miami photographer for a long time and has also had the experience of working as a print model and an actor for many years booking more than 50 T.V. commercials and print ads in New York, Miami, Hong Kong, China, Paris, Istanbul and Milano. His years of experience in front of the lense have been a major factor in helping his clients.

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JR West

Atlanta, GA

JR West is an emerging Atlanta editorial, high fashion and commercial photographer. An artist’s true measure is often determined by their ability to embrace and excel in the integral art of resilience, relevance, and reinvention. All these traits have been easily achieved by West making him manage to personify all artistic related expressions by the use of the camera lens.

After losing his job as a result of an unfortunate economic downturn, West was forced to transition from corporate America to the fashion industry. Instead of seeing this as a painful part of his life, he used the major setback as a source of motivation to redefine himself and build a lasting name and portfolio in the fashion and photography industry.

His creative eye and excellent work ethic have aided him in easily establishing a solid reputation putting him in the same league with other few Atlanta’s top photographers. In just a small window of time, JR West’s portfolio has grown tremendously to include a fairly long list of fashion models that are represented by “Choose Men Models, Click and Factor Women.”

Other noteworthy works by the photographer have been featured in various advertisements published in “Fenuxe magazine and the Urban Lux.” He has also managed to do some major campaigns, including “a Property Virgins TV show” starring Sherrod for the HGTV Network, “Atlanta’s Preacher’s Wives” which is a TLC Network reality TV show and the “Mommy Makeover” which is an Atlanta V103 FM radio program.

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Greg Daniels

Dallas, TX

Greg Daniels serves as a full time professional and creative photographer. For many years, he has been providing his clientele, both fashion and editorial, with several amazing images all of which are characterized by superior quality and innovative styles.

He is known to approach each shoot and assignment as a means to create images that are not only visually appealing, but also uniquely original. All this is possible since he works with each model on a personal level hence able to bring out their sense of style and personality.

Known to apply his vast technical skills and expert knowledge on lighting and pictorial composition in all genres of his craft, Greg Daniels has proven to many that he is one of today’s preeminent photographers in the state of Texas and surrounding region.

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Yasmine Kateb

Houston, TX

Yasmine Kateb is a renown female photographer who believes that everyone is gifted with their own way of displaying beauty if only they are given a chance to do so. She emphasizes this by constantly striving to bring out the aesthetic element in all her subjects. Apart from being a photographer, she has a relatively interesting background in acting and modeling. This makes her love working with other aspiring talents and models, helping them improve on their portfolio with the right stunning images that are likely to help market them.

Ketab combines extreme professionalism with her own high-end unique style of fashion in order to take the client’s images and the fashion industry as a whole to another level characterized by confident photography heights. She has managed to create a platform that makes her subject feel at their best during photo shoots resulting in more relaxed but professional photos regardless of the event or situation.

Yasmine Ketab always strives to make the best first impression as she knows that a good impression is likely to help market one even more than his or her skills would. She has managed to successfully create a name for herself in the Houston fashion and media industry with various models and clients actively engaging with her in various projects.

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