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How to Get Fashion-forward Feathered Brows

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Feathered eyebrows are all the rage these days.  If you’re a model working in the fashion industry, you’re probably keeping up with trends and looking to nail this new look.  In fact, your eyebrows have the power to transform your whole look.  They’re eye-catching and one of the first things others notice.  Full, defined brows have been in style for some time.

Well-shaped eyebrows can make your face appear naturally healthy and youthful.  They also allow for less makeup.  Over-plucking the eyebrow area, however, can leave you with little room to shape what’s left and, over time, cause ingrown hairs beneath the skin and even some scarring.  This makes filling the area back in difficult, so it’s best to carefully pluck and take your time.  Your brows can make all the difference between eyes looking tired and allowing them to pop and look more youthful.

The first step in feathering is to define the natural shape.  As a rule of thumb, the inner part of the brow should line up with the nostril on that side of your face, while the outer part should line up with the outside edge of your eye.  Plucking the hairs too much on either side can ruin the natural contour of the brow line and, in turn, make it not-so-easy to mask with makeup.

Micro-feathering at the salon is one way to get an extra boost if your brows are naturally fair or thin, and you are looking for a semi-permanent way to get well-defined lines.  This noninvasive procedure will add some volume and depth, allowing you to achieve feathering at home once they’re put into place.  The look is a bit bolder than the traditional curve above the lid.  Microblading is another option in which the whole area of the brow is colored in to create fullness, but not necessarily to achieve feathering.  Keep in mind, this is also semi-permanent. 

To create feathering at home, once you shape with a brow tool – or even the bristles of a toothbrush – you might want to add a dab of clear setting gel to keep the tiny hairs in place.  If you still need to fill in gaps, use a standard brow pencil and make light strokes upwards.  Blend by patting with the tip of your finger or the end of a Q-tip.  Top with a similarly colored powder, again slightly stroking up.  This is a fairly easy way to fake some fabulous feathered brows.

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