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What is Nine9?
We are an Entertainment Company who helps models and actors get started and further their careers in the industry.  We also help casting directors, directors, production companies and industry professionals find talent for their projects.

How long have you been in business?
Since 2003.

What does Nine9 stand for?
The 99% of models and actors aren’t represented by an agency and we are helping them take over the entertainment industry.  Nine9 provides the 99% with the tools, opportunities and support to begin and advance their careers.

What does “The UnAgency” mean?
We are not an agency. We help provide talent opportunities by connecting them with the industry professionals who are looking for models and actors for their projects.  We also provide talent with the tools and support they need.  Unlike an agency, we do not charge any commissions to talent or casting directors and industry professionals who use our talent. Hence we call ourselves “The UN Agency”.

If you’re not an agency, then what is Nine9?
We are an entertainment and marketing company that provides paid and non-paid opportunities, exposure and knowledge development to aspiring models and actors in the mainstream entertainment industry.  We also offer completely free services to casting directors, directors, production companies, agencies and other industry professionals.  We allow them to use our office space to hold auditions, set up in-person and self-taped auditions, bookings and unlike casting companies and agencies, they can book our talent at no charge or commission.

How is Nine9 different from other online casting companies?
We are not only online, we have numerous locations across the country. Each office has a dedicated staff who are willing and able to sit down with any talent and help them go through castings, upload photos, take new measurements, and offer guidance on the industry.  Not only do we have a database of public castings our talent can submit themselves to, we also have a Castings Department located in our corporate office that helps casting directors and industry professionals find talent for their projects.  We not only help talent find opportunities in their area but nationwide.  We cross-market our talent to any area they are interested and able to attend bookings in.  We also provide free monthly workshops to our talent where we bring in professionals in acting, modeling, health and beauty to increase and build our talent’s training and skills.

How do I place my NIne9 Talent Account on hold?
Our Talent can pause or cancel their Nine9 membership at any time since we do not place our Talent under a contract which limits their options or locks them into exclusivity for a designated period of time. You simply send an email to talentservices@nine9.com or call our Talent Services team at 800-989-1490 with the pause of cancel request and we will be able to assist with your specific needs.

Are you a modeling/acting school?
No, Nine9 is a talent listing service though we do offer our talent the opportunity to attend various events in their market to improve their knowledge, skills and experience.