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Why do you take measurements and photos during my first appointment?
We use this information to market you. Your measurements are included on your comp card and sometimes clients request talent based on measurements

Do I need professional photography?
Professional photography can help market you. We can work with you. If you are not ready now, you can still book castings without professional photos but your chances do increase with better pictures.

How important are professional photos if I’m only looking to do acting jobs?
Actors need headshots to represent themselves

Can I use my own photographer?
Sure you can. We would like to know who the photographer is and we would like to see samples of their work.

Do we offer our talent access to a professional photographer?
Yes, we have a professional photographer we can recommend in your local area.

What are the benefits of working with your photographer?
We contract out photographers in all of our markets who shoot high quality photos; they know what we like and shoot what clients are looking for and we provide you to own the rights to the photos.

Do I have to use the Photos taken during my first appointment on my comp card?
You do not; you can add and remove photos as you wish.

How frequent should we be updating and changing our photos on our comp card?
Whenever you make a change in your appearance, whether that’s dying your hair or going to the gym to gain muscle your photos should always be up to date.

Can I shoot with your photographer and my own?
Yes, the more professional photos you have the better.