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Set Daily Intentions for Success

If you feel disorganized, overburdened, or otherwise exhausted by your daily to-dos, know this is common.  Many entertainers are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities on the daily.  You are essentially your own boss, which means you’re responsible for booking gigs and getting paid, and this takes hard work.  It can help to break down your task […]


How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Always wanted a thicker, more voluminous, mane?  Preparing for an audition that requires it?  Well, you’re in luck.  It’s actually easier than you may think to fake a full head of hair.  Just follow these at-home tips. Pick up a volumizing shampoo. One of the quickest ways to add body to your locks is to […]


How to Pull Off a Close-up

Sometime in your acting career you may be asked to do a close-up either as part of a scene or as the whole scene.  How are close-ups different from fully body shots?  They require you to act with your eyes, which adds a level of complexity you may not have rehearsed.  They can be terrifying […]


How to Get Fashion-forward Feathered Brows

Feathered eyebrows are all the rage these days.  If you’re a model working in the fashion industry, you’re probably keeping up with trends and looking to nail this new look.  In fact, your eyebrows have the power to transform your whole look.  They’re eye-catching and one of the first things others notice.  Full, defined brows […]


How to be ‘Social Media Funny’

Social media can help expand the reach of comedians looking to book as many gigs as possible.  But, if you plan to sign up for a bunch of accounts, make sure to plan ahead a bit.  There are a few things you should know before you become active online.  Here’s some tips: Define your brand. […]


Preparing for a Modeling Agency Interview

What aspiring models tend to think of when they consider submitting to a modeling agency is perfecting that headshot and showing up professionally dressed.  However, this limited information leaves much to the imagination.  What, exactly, are agencies looking for?  If you are called in for an interview, how should you dress? First of all, if […]


Don’t Let Bad Breath Keep You from Getting Booked

You’ve worked way too hard to get here to allow bad breath to keep you from reaching your goals.  If you’ve got an audition around the corner and are worried that something simple like this will slip you up, there are some to-dos you can add to your list right now. If you suffer from […]


How to Be More Photogenic

You can be extremely good looking, a natural born model, but if can’t take good pictures, your exposure will be limited.  Learning how to pose properly is modeling 101.  By employing certain techniques, you can ensure your pictures will turn out perfectly and reveal the real you at the same time. Although being photogenic sounds […]

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