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Here’s Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working

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These days, you’ll want to establish a solid social media presence in order to get yourself in front of industry insiders and start booking gigs.  Not only will you want to create professional pages that showcase your work, but you’ll want to join groups, follow relevant pages, and know where to look for castings.  If you’ve started a plan for yourself and haven’t been successful, here are a few things you may be doing wrong.

You’re comparing yourself to others. While it makes sense to follow those already established in entertainment and emulate their social media presence, you shouldn’t be trying to fit in.  In order to get booked, you’ll need to stand out.  This applies to your career both online and in person.  You will be successful for what you can uniquely offer to casting directors and agents.  And, what works for one person online may never work for another.  Instead of trying to keep pace with someone who has been in the industry for decades, start slow and work your way to that point once you have some experience under your belt.

You’re a perfectionist. If you freeze every time you’re about to send a message to someone about a new opportunity and triple-check you’re saying exactly the right thing or spend hours scouring your photos to ensure you send a flawless shot, you’re overthinking it.  And this can mean you aren’t pushing out enough applications and aren’t coming across as a genuine person.  You’ll want to stay professional, yet real with your online presence and people will take notice.

You think it’s a waste of time. If you think anything is a waste of your valuable time, you won’t give it your all.  This applies to more than just your social media front.  We tend to concentrate our efforts where we see results.  Yet, in order to see results, you have to put in the effort.  Rest assured, social media is not a waste of time in the entertainment world.  It is a big part of how the top celebrities market themselves.  So, no more hiding from cyberspace.  It’s time to embrace it.

You’re just not good with technology. Your grandparents said the same thing when they got their first typewriter and your parents said the same thing when they picked up their first computer.  We live in a day and age in which it’s simply essential to be adaptable and harness the basics of technology.  Creating a social media presence isn’t all that advanced.  Follow the steps offered on each site, and your profiles will go live in no time. Social media is must to achieve stardom.  Embrace it, work with it, and don’t overthink it.  Just get active online and start making connections!

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