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About Nine9:

What is Nine9?
An Entertainment Company, working with Models, Actors, and Musicians. We are best known for helping anyone with a desire to become a model or actor, get started in the entertainment industry.

What does Nine9 stand for?
The 99% of models and actors aren’t represented by an agency and we are helping them take over the entertainment industry. Nine9 provides the 99% with the tools, opportunities and support to begin and advance their careers.

What is “The UnAgency?
We are not an agency. We provide opportunities to talent just as an agency does, however we keep our talent freelancing while on gigs and so we don’t take commissions from talent. Hence we call ourselves “The UN Agency”

If you’re not an agency, then what are you?
We are a company that provides paid and non-paid opportunities, exposure and knowledge development to aspiring models and actors in the mainstream entertainment industry.

Marketing Department:

How long have you been in business?
Since 2003.

Do you represent voice over talent?
We don’t represent any talent as we are not an agency. However Voice Over Talent are welcome to join us, if they are also interested in regular modeling/acting gigs. They can include their voiceover links embedded on their digital composite card.

How is Nine9 different from other online casting companies?
We are not only online, we also have 10 offices around the country. Each office is staffed with Office Directors and Talent Specialists who are willing and able to sit down with any talent and help them go through castings, upload photos, take new measurements, and offer guidance on the industry.!

How do you help me get auditions?
We contact casting directors, production companies, photographers, magazines, agents, managers, anyone professional in the industry looking for a new face for their project and we submit them a package of our talent to consider. If they are interested in working with any of our talent, we have our talent contact them directly so they can work together on their projects. This gives the talent a great opportunity to be considered as a freelance talent for a project they most likely would not have otherwise known about.

What is the difference between a casting company and an agency?
A casting company is hired by a producer or production company to help cast for a project. This project could be a film, a fashion show, or a marketing event among others. An agency acts as a representative on behalf of another person (typically a model, actor, or personality) and represents them in the pursuit of employment or gigs in their field.

Can I call a talent and get feedback from them?
We do not ask talent to take calls on our behalf from other prospective talent, simply because of our size. We get 50,000 applications every month at Nine9 from nationwide prospective talent. We could not ask a talent of ours to handle the kind of volume that our company produces in interested applicants daily.

I read horrible reviews online. Is Nine9 a scam?
No. We provide a service. Most negative reviews are based from either competitors who want to take business away from us to try to gain it for their company, or people that don’t understand our business model. We are not an agency, we don’t claim to be an agency. Since we offer a service, which we provide to every talent that joins with us, and we do so legally, we are not a scam. A scam is either a company that is illegal or unethical in their business practices. We are neither. We are not a scam, we are a great resource for the 99% of aspiring models and actors who are currently unsigned and would like to get exposure in the industry.

What are Nine9 Meet and Greets
Nine9 contracts out industry professionals to visit our locations and educate our talent on the industry. Sample meet and greets include, Acting: How to land an audition and Modeling: Learn to walk the runway. These meet and greets are provided to all members of Nine9, as part of our service.

Are the meet and greets/classes only on Saturdays?
No, we offer them on week days and some Sundays depending on the location.

Are you guys going to expand to other locations?
Yes, we will be opening new locations in 2016 and 2017.

Is your company registered with the Better Business Bureau?
No, the Better Business Bureau charges a fee to be registered. We currently choose not to pay the registration fee.

What connections can Nine9 give that no one else can?
Nine9 provides talent the IN on private castings and public castings. We will not say there would be “no way” to work in the industry without Nine9, as there are several ways to catch a break. However, this industry is all about “Who You Know.” Having the staff at Nine9 in your corner, working to gain you exposure, will give any talent more chances to catch the break they are hoping for, faster.

How does Nine9 represent the 99%?
We do not represent talent. We are not an agency.

Does everyone just get signed with Nine9?
We work with anyone who has a great attitude and wants to gain exposure through use of the services at Nine9!

Do you take people with disabilities?
We work with anyone who has a great attitude and wants to gain exposure through use of the services at Nine9!

Sales Department:

Enrollment Process:

Do I have to sign a contract?
We do not sign contracts at Nine9.

Should I quit my job?
No, we don’t know when or what types of castings you will book.

Why do I have to pay?
You are paying for a service to help you get started in the industry. This includes your needed marketing materials and our support helping you along the way.

Does everyone pay the same price?
No, all talent must come in to be evaluated first, before we can tell you how much it will cost. We do waive enrollment costs for talent who are a part of SAG or who have an extensive resume, you still have to come in to be evaluated.

Why should I pay you for something that should be free?
Who said it should be free? We are not an agency. You are paying for yourself to get started.

Are you my agent? If you aren’t my agent, why am I paying you?
No, we are not agents. You are paying for your online digital comp card and your access to our site and services.

How long should I stay signed up with Nine9?
It’s up to you. It’s a month to month service.

Can I make a payment arrangement?
We can discuss this option once we decide if you are good fit for Nine9.

Is there a discount for families?
Yes, we can offer family discounts once we have made a decision on who in the family we want to work with.

Am I guaranteed castings if I pay the monthly fee?
No, we don’t guarantee castings, but we do guarantee that we do our part to help you.

Do you provide for travel and lodging?
No we do not, but a client may if they are interested in booking you.

Are the classes included in the monthly fee?
Yes, we include monthly meet and greets

Why do I have to pay Nine9 monthly?
It maintains your comp card and our services.

Am I able to switch out the card I’m paying with monthly?
Yes, you can contact our talent services department by phone (800) 989-1490, email talentservices@nine9.com or through the help desk while logged into your account.

What if I don’t book anything?
If you login to the site regularly and you are open to most castings, you will book something! In the meantime, attend our meet and greets- they are great for networking with industry pros and meeting other talent.

Why does Nine9 have a monthly rate?
We help our talent become successful by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to get started. The monthly fee helps to maintain our site and services. We are not an Agency!

Are there any hidden fees?
No, our fees are explained during your first evaluation. And during your 2nd appointment we let our talent know that photos will be the next step, so although pro photos are not mandatory, we do let our talent know that pro photos will be an additional cost.

How does Nine9 help people?
We work with the 99% of talent that are not signed to an agency. We help our talent by providing them with exposure through our network of clients, we do this by submitting them out to castings nationwide and we allow our talent to submit themselves to castings. While we help our talent book castings, we also provide them with monthly meet and greets.

What features do I get with my Nine9 Monthly payment subscription?
You get our full support. Our staff is here to help you along the way with any questions you have. You will have our castings department submitting out to castings also while clients are browsing through our site looking for talent like you. We also post castings for you, these are great resume builders. As a member with Nine9 you will get monthly invites to meet and greets.

What if I don’t live near one of Nine9’s locations, is there another way?
You can fill out an online application and someone from our UST department will contact you.

Who will see or has access to my personal information that I leave with nine9?
Your information is private and will only be accessible to clients who have requested to work with you.

Who do I contact at Nine9 if I have questions during any part of the process?
You can contact your local office or you can reach our talent services department by phone (800) 989-1490 , email talentservices@nine9.com or while logged in under your help desk.

What do you have to look like to work with your company?
We work with all types of people, Nine9 is The UnAgency for real people. We won’t reject you based on your looks.

Can I review your agreement in Spanish?
Yes, we can arrange for this.

Can I transfer to another area or office once I pay?
Yes, once you sign up with Nine9, you are in our nationwide network, which means we can submit you out wherever you are located, just let us know so can update your account.


Do I need professional photography?
Professional photography can help market you. We can work with you. If you are not ready now, you can still book castings without professional photos, but your chances do increase with better pictures.

How important are professional photos if I’m only looking to do acting jobs?
Actors need headshots to represent themselves

Can I use my own photographer?
Sure you can. We would like to know who the photographer is and we would like to see samples of their work.

New Faces Department:

What ages do you work with?
Anyone 3 and up.

I am already with an Agency, is that a problem?
No, we can help supplement the work your agency is providing you. We are not affiliated with any unions.

How did you get my information?
The appropriate response is: “You either filled out an application, someone you have done business with in the past, or someone that we are currently doing business with thought we would be a good fit.”

Do you call everyone who applies?
We’re Nine9, we give everyone a shot at the initial evaluation.

Is this a union paid agency or non-union?
We are not an Agency and we are not affiliated with any unions.

I sent my information/pictures through the site; is that why I was called back?
Yes, our Office Director has reviewed your application and would like to learn more about you.

Can I call the office if I have questions?
Yes, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

Are you a modeling/acting school?
No, Nine9 is a talent listing service.

Do I need to have experience?
No, we work with all levels of experience.

Open Call:

How long will I be at the Open Call?
Approximately one hour.

I might be 10 minutes late to the Open Call, is that okay?
If you know you will not be able to make it on time, it’s best to reschedule to a day where you can arrive 10-15 minutes early.

Do I have to pay for the pictures you take at the Open Call evaluation?
No, these are part of the evaluation.

Can I bring a sibling or aunt/uncle to watch me at the Open Call?
If you are a minor a parent must be present at the Open Call.

I don’t have anyone to watch my child, can I bring him/her to the appointment?
It would be best if you attended the evaluation alone, space is limited.



If you have any additional questions not answered here please contact us on our online chat feature, or you can reach us at 248-220-6531 or email talentservices@nine9.com