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Scouring Publications for Gigs

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You can use trade publications to search for potential opportunities.  You just need to get a bit creative.  Most won’t list roles in the classifies.  Think outside of the box and leverage your industry contracts to start booking gigs.  Here’s what to look for:

Project coverage. Many newspapers and magazines will announce when a new project is coming to town.  Generally, this is simply an informative article to let audiences know their favorite stars will be debuting a new must-see.  For actors, however, this is just a gig in disguise.  If a project is headed to your hometown and you want a piece of the action, search for the title in casting opps online and see what’s available.  If you already have an agent, let the agent know (in case it got missed) you’re interested.

New business. If a new agency is coming to town, its owners will likely have sent a press release to all local publications for coverage.  This is just par for the course marketing-wise to draw in business.  So, if you spot a new player in town, jot down the contact information and ask how you can get involved.

Best-selling books. These are commonly covered in entertainment publications and others.  If a best-seller screams big screen, write down the title and keep it in your back pocket.  From there, do your research.  This is something you’ll also want to take a close look at if you’re hoping to get into the business of screenwriting.  There’s big bucks in converting popular books to visual media.  Of course, you can’t just run with it.  You’ll have to look into who has the movie rights and whether something is already in the works.  Then, go from there.

Celebs on the Move. Interviews with celebrities in trade publications can sometimes offer some hidden insight into what’s next in the pipeline.  If your favorite celebrity is profiled and says they’re due to start filming in an area you’re willing to work, make note of the project’s details and start your search for available roles.

These are just some of the ways you can use trade publications to your advantage.  Of course, this should be just one piece of your job finding puzzle, and you’ll have to have some solid research skills to take a deeper delve into the information you’re given.  But, if your traditional go-tos are coming up empty, this is an innovative way to search out casting opportunities and get back to work.

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