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The Mechanics of Method Acting

Method acting surmises that actors can learn, through training and extensive practice, to realistically take on the traits of a fictional character to the point that they become that character for the duration of a project.  Instead of the traditional theory that acting is entirely presentational, method acting more closely aligns the actor with the […]


Don’t Forget to Just Be Real

The key to landing a role lies in ensuring when you exit the audition room, you leave the casting director inspired and excited to work with you.  And, part of this is as simple as having a pleasant personality.  First impressions are everything.  You might get a chance to come back even if you don’t […]


4 Talent Submitted for Johnnie Walker Commercial

We submitted 4 of our talent from around the country for an upcoming commercial for Johnnie Walker. Casting directors were searching for men between the ages of 35 and 55 years old who spoke Brazilian Portuguese. We reached out to several of our talent to see who fit the qualifications. Talent will be chosen from […]


Preparing for a Modeling Agency Interview

What aspiring models tend to think of when they consider submitting to a modeling agency is perfecting that headshot and showing up professionally dressed.  However, this limited information leaves much to the imagination.  What, exactly, are agencies looking for?  If you are called in for an interview, how should you dress? First of all, if […]


Should You Write Your Own Monologue?

Practice Grounding Techniques Before Recit While it has been done before, performing your own monologue is definitely a risky approach.  Presenting your writing at an audition could came across as a little over the top.  In fact, it may rub a casting director the wrong way.  It could look like you haven’t been booked in […]


Don’t Let Bad Breath Keep You from Getting Booked

You’ve worked way too hard to get here to allow bad breath to keep you from reaching your goals.  If you’ve got an audition around the corner and are worried that something simple like this will slip you up, there are some to-dos you can add to your list right now. If you suffer from […]


Practice Grounding Techniques Before Reciting Your Lines

It is important to stay grounded when you’re standing in front of someone at an audition who will ultimately give you the ‘yes’ or ‘no.’  If you’re not grounded in the moment, your mind could start to race, making you overly anxious.  Focusing on the task at hand will ensure you offer a standout performance.  […]


143 Talent Contacted to Audition for Seventeen Magazine Series

We contacted over 100 of our talent nationwide to send in video auditions for the Seventeen Magazine series “Bestie Picks Bae”. Casting directors were looking for girls between the ages of 16 and 19 years old to take part in the Youtube series. They will be casting a pair of best friends. Teens will send […]

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