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What Genre Strikes Your Fancy?

If you’re looking to be a film actor, you may already have the types of productions in mind you’re eager to get involved in.  Did you grow up on Disney classics, romantic comedies, or thrillers?  Do you love to binge-watch horror movies or satirical spoofs with your friends?  Chances are, you’ll want to land a […]


Playing an Instrument at An Audition

Playing an instrument on top of memorizing lines for an audition can be nerve-racking, but if you have a gift for music, there’s a very real possibility you’ll have to keep your instrument of choice in tow and play it for an audience.  Instead of concentrating on how anxiety-provoking this may be, pat yourself on […]


Nine9 Nation Vlog Episode 9

Its Episode 9 of Nine9 nation ( that’s a lot of nines). Today our Nine9 staff discusses a range of topics, from TV to how many carbs one can consume in one sitting.


Factoring in Facial Expressions

Successfully auditioning means successfully projecting the proper facial expressions as you recite your lines.  You’ll want to connect with the piece before you in a way that these emotions will be reflected nonverbally.  If you read the script monotone or don’t add enough depth, it’ll be hard for an audience to find the performance believable. […]


Season 3 of “The Chi” Casting Call

Casting Directors are now seeking men and women to be Extras on the project.

Casting Directors are seeking adult men and women to be in scenes on Season 3 of Showtime’s “The CHI”

“The Chi” centers around revealing the beating heart of the South Side of Chicago […]


When to Call It Quits at Your 9-5

Many actors and models have a “day job” when they’re first getting their start.  This is the consistent, often hourly gig that pays the bills – which is kind of important when you’re trying to make it in the industry.  You still have to be able to afford food and rent. However, there are a […]


Casting Call for Untitled Disney Rom-Com

Casting Directors are seeking fit adults (18+) to be in scenes of the yet to be titled Romantic Comedy from Disney.

Producers are seeking the […]


Curb Your Dreaded Carb Cravings

If you’re preparing for a photoshoot, chances are you’re stepping up your H20 intake, exercise routine, and skincare regimen.  You may be focusing on eating healthy with well-balanced meals that’ll keep you going to the gym.  But it can be especially tough to curb carb cravings despite all your best efforts.  Here are some tips […]

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