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Becoming a Talent

Does it cost to attend my first appointment?
No. There are no fees to attend your virtual open call appointment.

Do I need to have anything prepared for my virtual open call appointment?
You should download the Zoom application before your scheduled appointment from your smartphone, tablet or computer if you don’t already have it to ensure you won’t have any issues being on time for your appointment. There is no cost to download this application.

What should I wear?
Fashionably casual is recommended.

How long does the virtual open call appointment last?
Typically the appointment takes between 30 and 40 minutes.

I don’t have any experience in the industry, do I qualify?
Nine9 works with talent who both have no experience and lots of experience in the industry.

I don’t think I have the right measurements to model, do I qualify?
Models are definitely marketed out by their body type and their look but there are many types of modeling that do not require a specific body type.

Nine9 contacted me, how did you get my information?
We reach out to individuals who have applied to be evaluated through our website or other online location where we have a presence.

I might be 10 minutes late, is that okay?
If you know you will not be able to make your virtual open call appointment on time, it’s best to reschedule to a day where you can be at least 5-10 minutes early for your scheduled time.

I’m underage so can I have a sibling or aunt/uncle with me for my virtual Open Call appointment instead of my parent?
If you are a minor a parent must be present on the call.

Do I need to have experience?
No, we work with talent of all levels of experience.

What ages do you work with?
Anyone 3 and up.

What do you have to look like to work with your company?
We work with all types of people, Nine9 is The UnAgency for real people. We won’t reject you based on your looks.

What is the process of becoming a talent?
You will first attend your virtual open call. During this meeting, you will learn about our company and the services we provide and have the chance to ask any questions once the presentation is finished. If we are the right fit for each other you will be sent a link where you can complete your registration.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No, out talent do not have to sign contracts with Nine9.

Who will help me set up my comp card and profile?
Our office director will input the measurements and photos you provide to us.

Should I quit my job?
No, we don’t know when or what types of castings you will book.

I am already with an Agency, is that a problem?
No, we can help supplement the work your agency is providing you. We are not affiliated with any unions.

Can I call Nine9 if I have questions?
Yes, our Talent Services team are available to answer any questions you may have at (800) 989-1490.