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The Essentialness of Social Media

Social media marketing is essential in the digital world and having an active and highly visible social media presence is sure to get you noticed in the entertainment industry.  There are a few sites that should be added to your plan in order to maximize exposure. Facebook. It goes without saying that Facebook is a […]


Nine9 is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry!

Picture this: You just wrapped up a meeting with a noteworthy and well-respected talent agent. You proudly showed them your resume and headshot, and you were promised a follow-up phone call within the week. As days turn into weeks and even months, that excitement quickly sours as you realize that you’re never going to be […]


Everyday Fashion Tips to Improve Your Summer Style

  Having trendy and unique style is a great way to make a lasting first impression on someone. But to look good, you don’t always need the latest runway looks or to spend too much time in front of the mirror every day. Many great fashion concepts are easy to accomplish. First, update eye wear with a sense of fashion. […]


5 Ways to Prepare for Your Commercial Shoot

Creating a commercial requires more than just memorizing lines. The intent of a commercial is to educate a potential consumer on a certain product. An actor is called upon to build the desire for the product. Filming a commercial can be an intimidating ordeal, but you can take some easy steps to make yourself look […]


Agents and Learning New Skills

  Do You Need an Agent? You have taken the steps to have your pictures properly taken and they look fantastic. It seems like you have everything in place to help launch your career, but now everyone you know is telling you that you need to find an agency or talent agent to help find you work. While […]


Keeping an Open Mind and Staying Positive

  Keeping an Open Mind Part of being an actor or model is maintaining a positive attitude and an open mind. This is especially important when you are first breaking into the industry. You will quickly realize that there is intense competition for every job that you apply to.  Because of the competition, you need to keep […]


Auditioning For Your Dream Job

  In order to be successful in the modeling or acting world, you must familiarize yourself and be comfortable with auditions.  Everything you have worked towards starts with an audition.  The good news is that the entertainment industry is constantly shifting and looking for new talent in today’s world filled with new TV shows and […]


5 Tips to Make You Look Even Better at Your Job

The modeling world is a tough industry to break into.  From worldwide pageants to local castings for small commercials, the competition is fierce.  But how do you become fiercer so that you can surpass the competition?  Here are some useful tips that are proven to work in this industry:

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