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Time-Saving Tips for the Beauty On-the-Go

Saying you’re always on the go is an understatement in entertainment.  You’re busy 24/7.  And, you’re expected to look your best at all times.  What’s a diva to do?  Here are some time-saving tips to looking your best. Wash your face at night.  You can focus on removing your make up and doing a full […]


How To Care For Your Skin At Night

Taking care of your face isn’t just a during-the-day thing.  You might scrub well in the A.M., apply moisturizer, add eye cream and SPF, and consider yourself set to hit the road.  But what you do at night is equally as important for maintaining a healthy glow.  What should you do before your head hits […]


How to Care for Swimmer’s Hair

We all know swimming can be fun and gets you out of the sun – but, it can also wreak havoc on your hair if you let it.  So, while you’re taking a dip this summer, considering being extra careful by adding a few things to your hair care routine. Chlorine, which is a common […]


Natural, Make-at-Home Beauty Aisle Essentials

Summer is approaching and you’re hoping to go au natural, when it comes to your beauty routine that is.  If you’re tired of emptying your pockets on store-bought brands or starting to feel like something just isn’t right with the ingredients you’re using – your skin is becoming irritated, you’re sneezing a lot, your breakouts […]


Versatile Makeup That’ll Go the Extra Mile

Ok, ladies, which makeup has the most flexibility?  When you’re always on the go and you have limited purse space, this is a very important consideration.  Which cosmetics are the most compact while packing the biggest punch?  Here are a few that will go the distance. Multi-colored pressed powder kit. These are easier to find […]


Beauty Finds Not Worth the Fuss

Lip Pumpers. Lip pumpers, as a rule, slightly irritate lips.  They temporarily enlarge them but do not leave a lasting plump as the name suggests. In fact, pumpers can actually irritate lips too much, causing a stinging or burning sensation.  Used excessively, pumpers can also cause lips to chap and remain overly dry.  There are […]


Inexpensive Beauty Hacks

No time and no money to spend on branded beauty tools?  Here are some things around the home that can double for use in your beauty routine. Nail Dotter. The next time you’re painting your nails and want to add a few drops of top color, use a bobby pin rather than an actual nail […]


Simply Glamorous Skin

Maintaining a clear complexion is essential in entertainment, as is keeping skin properly hydrated and moisturized.  There are some tried and true techniques for stand-out skin.  The experts at Glamour magazine provide some insight into some of the essentials. Rest up.  It’s important to get around eight hours of sleep every night.  Getting an adequate […]

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