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Makeup is an Art…and a Way into Hollywood

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Always had a knack for painting, drawing, or even coloring?  Like trying out different makeup palettes when you’re out and about?  If you’ve always enjoyed art, you may want to consider a career as a makeup artist.  This less-obvious career choice for budding artists can connect you with industry insiders while you show off your craft.  And, doing so can pay off big time!

Whether you decide to be a full-time artist or do makeup as a side gig, there are many productions looking for those qualified to help get actors ready for the set.  You can also spiffy up stars before award shows and other events, easily building your contact base.

Never considered going the makeup route?  Take a class or workshop to see if it’s something you’d be into.  Practice on friends and family members.  Follow makeup blogs and skim through how-to sites.  

Know this is right up your alley?  Consider going to school to be a certified professional makeup artist.  The certification will help you build your network and your resume.  And, this is a craft that will take off tremendously through word of mouth alone.  So, if you do a great job on one client, they’re bound to tell all their friends.

Professional makeup artists are in high depend in the entertainment world.  Most celebs hire artists before appearing at important events, and large production companies ensure there are some on staff.  You can get very busy, very quickly.  If you’re looking for some side money, start slow, but if things really start to take off, you can determine whether this is the full-time career for you.

Bigshot makeup gurus might interact with many different clients at once, which keeps things interesting.  You might be at a photography studio for a couple of hours, then head to a set, then finish your day at a salon or at an in-home gig.  The atmosphere in which you work doesn’t matter so much as the products you carry with you, your own professional appearance and the way you present yourself personality-wise, which all go a long way.

Ready to give it a go?  Ask to shadow someone you know who’s living your dream or sit in on a class or two.  Go to a salon and ask if you can watch as the artist works.  Watch online video tutorials and try them on yourself and others.  Above all, be creative – like you already know you are.  How you get your start is up to you.  Once you do, the clients will come rolling in!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!