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How to Get Glowing Skin Before Your On-Camera Debut

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If you have a big gig coming up and you’re trying to do everything possible to prep, make sure you don’t neglect your health!  It is important to look good and feel good when you debut on camera, and part of this includes caring for your skin.  In fact, there are some food items you should avoid altogether if you’re hoping to show up radiant and ready to roll without worrying about breakouts.  Here are the top culprits to steer clear from in the days leading up to show time as well as some healthy add-ons, according to Backstage.

Sugary Food. The number one diet-busting ingredient – sugar.  Not only does it cause weight gain, puffiness, and sluggishness, it also leads to clogged pores and inevitable breakouts.  So, scale back on the sugar intake, as hard as it may seem, and satisfy your sweet tooth with only fresh fruits and flavored water.

Fried food. No surprise here – fried foods are also prime diet-do-nots.  Greasy snacks actually lead to greasy skin.  Plus, they can wreak havoc on the digestive symptom and cause bloating and an upset stomach.

Dairy. Especially, cow’s milk, which contains ingredients that promote inflammation.  Your best bet is to eliminate dairy at least two weeks before your big day to improve the appearance of your skin.

So, what should you have instead?  Here are a few add-ons you should incorporate asap:

Probiotics. Sauerkraut, kimchi, and tempeh are great options for adding good bacteria to your gut, increasing immunity and promoting healthy digestion, which, in turn, leads to a smooth and clear complexion.  Yogurt also works – just not when you’re avoiding dairy!  And, of course, there are always supplements if you don’t have the taste buds for the options above.

Zinc. This is one mineral you should never do without if you’re looking to maintain healthy skin.  It’ll heal any blemishes or wounds quickly, ensuring you have a flawless complexion.  Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and spinach are all zinc-rich foods.

Omega-3. This includes fish such as salmon, sardines, and anchovies.  You can also opt for a supplement if you’re not a huge fan of seafood.  Omega-3 helps to decrease inflammation and keep skin glowing.

If you want to look your best, of course you’ll need to eliminate stress, make sure you are getting enough sleep, and drink extra H20, too.  It’s easy to get dehydrated, especially on hotter days, and this is the quickest way to develop dry skin.  So, keep a water bottle with you at all times and fill up in between healthy snacks.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!