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2019 Fall/Winter Hair ‘Dos You’ll Want to Do

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There are many new and carried over hair trends that will be popular in the upcoming season.  Here are just a few of those that are already being spotted at runway shows and on the red carpet, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Slicked-back. The slicked-back look is not gender- or length-specific and it’s being worn with both straight and curly locks.  Add some hair gel to the shopping list!

Loose Braids. Any size, anywhere on the head will do!  Loose braids add interest to perhaps otherwise lackluster locks.

Thick Headbands. The oversized kind that takes over basically the whole upper half of your hairdo is becoming uber-popular.  This look is great for hiding slightly greasy roots in between washes.

Chunky Barrettes. And, not only one or two, but several all at once.  Chunky barrettes of all shapes and sizes will be hitting store shelves.

Low Pony. The low side-ponytail is being added to the low-side braid that has been a hit for some time.  It’s quick, easy, professional, and will save you from having to extensively style.

Ballerina Bun. This style has transitioned just a bit from on top of the head to at the neckline – with the same classically sleek style, of course.  Pull hair back and secure it tightly in a twist. Then use a small comb to smooth out any bumps and apply some spray.

Pinned Parts. Whether you style your hair in the center or scoop it to one side, you can pin up the part whichever way you prefer with a chunky barrette or two.  For thinner strands, you might also opt for a bobby that’ll blend right in.

Waves. The summertime, beach-day locks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  The look is being carried into the cold weather months and is easily achieved with a large barrel curling iron and some medium-hold spray.

Bangs. Both heavy and baby bangs are back.  Choose a size that compliments your features, chop to the desired length, and add a few highlights for even more interest.

Lobs and Bobs. Both shorter styles are taking over.  These options allow for minimal upkeep while keeping the dreaded tangles of longer ‘do’s at bay.  You can add waves to naturally straight locks and or straighten curly ends to easily switch up your appearance when you have some styling time to spare.

There’s a ton of go-to ‘dos to choose from no matter what the occasion.  Try out one of these at your next audition to show off your fashion know-how!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!