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More Glam On Instagram – 5 Tips for Influencers

Glamour tips for influencers are important because, as an influencer, your appearance is a huge part of your brand. Getting glammed up allows you to make an impression on your social media followers and continue to attract new followers, increases your marketability, and ensures you’re retain your audience.


Tips For The Perfect Modeling Photo Shoot

Let’s face it – modeling photo shoots can seem scary. There’s a lot of pressure to be as photogenic as possible, especially if you’re putting together a portfolio you plan to share with potential clients. It’s important to remember, though, the more natural your pics, the better. If you try to force the perfect pose, you’re more likely to come across as awkward than alluring. Learning how to prepare for a shoot ahead of time is key to pulling it off without a hitch.


Pro Lighting Tips You Can Pull Off at Home

There are a few simple lighting tips for YouTube videos that will allow you to capture the perfect video set right at home, making your videos appear as if they’ve been produced by a pro. You can go through all of the other motions to make a stand-out masterpiece, but in the end, if you can’t see yourself in the frame, it’ll be all for not.


Bentonite Clay Mask Combos You’ll Want to Try, Like Now

When it comes to skincare, you probably have your goals and routine down.  You want to keep your complexion clear, your skin well-moisturized and avoid those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles.  But are you doing enough on the daily to be able to achieve these goals?  Adding a clay mask to your to-do list may […]


Lowering Your Sugar Intake? Satisfy Cravings with Fruit

If you don’t want to completely eliminate fruit from your diet – because, come on, there’s a ton of health benefits – but you’re trying out a low-sugar meal plan, fear not.  While all fruit contains sugar, some have far more than others.  Whether you’re being weight conscious or just trying to improve your overall […]


Whole-body Healing with Ginger

One ingredient you should be adding to your diet – like now – is ginger.  There are so many health benefits you stand to gain from spicing up your diet with this plant.  In fact, it is one of the healthiest, chalked full of nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful medicinal benefits.  Here is […]


Healthy To-Go Snacks That’ll Help You Lose Weight

If you’re struggling to get in shape for a new role and are always on the go, jumping from one gig to the next – you must be in entertainment.  Your busy lifestyle choice is fun and all, but it can make paying attention to your health and the things you eat low on the […]


When Comfort and Classy Collide: The Best Business Casual Wear

When you’re on the scene hoping to land your dream job, you’ll want to look presentable at meet-and-greets and interviews.  But those long days can also demand comfort if you want to keep going without having to worry about skin irritation and sore toes.  What are your best options?  Luckily, there are a few staples […]

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