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Versatile Makeup That’ll Go the Extra Mile

Ok, ladies, which makeup has the most flexibility?  When you’re always on the go and you have limited purse space, this is a very important consideration.  Which cosmetics are the most compact while packing the biggest punch?  Here are a few that will go the distance. Multi-colored pressed powder kit. These are easier to find […]


Beauty Finds Not Worth the Fuss

Lip Pumpers. Lip pumpers, as a rule, slightly irritate lips.  They temporarily enlarge them but do not leave a lasting plump as the name suggests. In fact, pumpers can actually irritate lips too much, causing a stinging or burning sensation.  Used excessively, pumpers can also cause lips to chap and remain overly dry.  There are […]


Inexpensive Beauty Hacks

No time and no money to spend on branded beauty tools?  Here are some things around the home that can double for use in your beauty routine. Nail Dotter. The next time you’re painting your nails and want to add a few drops of top color, use a bobby pin rather than an actual nail […]


Simply Glamorous Skin

Maintaining a clear complexion is essential in entertainment, as is keeping skin properly hydrated and moisturized.  There are some tried and true techniques for stand-out skin.  The experts at Glamour magazine provide some insight into some of the essentials. Rest up.  It’s important to get around eight hours of sleep every night.  Getting an adequate […]


Maintaining Appearances: Essential Skin and Hair Tips

In entertainment, it’s important to keep up with appearances – and not just talent-wise.  Whether you’re going in front of the camera, walking the runway, or representing a brand, you’ll want to make sure you look and feel your best.  The late nights and long hours can do a number on your physical appearance, though.  […]


5 Tips to Make You Look Even Better at Your Job

The modeling world is a tough industry to break into.  From worldwide pageants to local castings for small commercials, the competition is fierce.  But how do you become fiercer so that you can surpass the competition?  Here are some useful tips that are proven to work in this industry:


21 Days to Better Skin before Your Next Photo Shoot

You are a model and you have your next big shoot soon? Like all of us know this is the time when our faces start to act out, pimples start popping out everywhere, oily skin seems to be throwing a party and the bags and dark circles under your eyes are looking baggier and darker […]


Grow Stronger, Thicker Nails: A Must Read for Hand Models

Due to the fact about your hands being on the display at all time; especially for a girl to have better looking hands and nails is one of the best ways to enhance more attractive in the eyes many people. Besides, as a result of the daily work schedules that you normally engage in such […]

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