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Becoming an Internet Influencer

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You’ve heard the rumors – social media can be the key to your success.  But, how do you become a social media superstar?  Here are some tips for nailing the influencer role.

Develop a strategy. First thing’s first – what are you trying to do, exactly?  Make sure you understand your brand.  What image do you want to project to the rest of the world?  What can you offer viewers that others cannot?  What will help you stand out from the crowd?  Develop your brand and stick with it.  Branding needs to be so consistent that should you choose to interject a post every once in a while that seems counterintuitive everyone notices, and your ratings go through the roof.

Who are your followers? This is something you’ll need to ask yourself right up front while you’re developing your public image.  Who is going to visit your page?  Why would they want to?  If you’re advocating for a particular cause, what can you do to attract followers and increase awareness?  Remember to get yourself out there and network so you can post relevant info about what you’ve been up to and how you’re creating change.

Make a vlog. This is basically the visual version of a blog.  Instead of writing words and posting stills, you’ll be documenting your story in video form.  Social media frequenters want visuals.  This is generally why they’re browsing online to begin with.  Words are great, but videos are more interactive, more real.  They allow your viewers to better understand who you are and why you’re out there.

Remember to tie it all together. If you’re out there trying to make it big in entertainment, becoming an influencer can make you an overnight success.  Just make sure your mission seems cohesive, not confusing.  In other words, try coming up with a goal that integrates who you are online with where you’re headed in the real world.  Industry decision-makers will check out your social media presence so make sure everything you’re posting is on point with your career goals.

Don’t get confrontational. Resist the urge to send nasty tweets to internet trolls who leave negative comments.  At the end of the day, everyone has free reign to post whatever they want to, and you’re only responsible for your own actions.  If someone is being particularly offensive, simply hit the block button.

If you can nail social media marketing and become a noteworthy internet presence, this can be a super helpful tool to advance your entertainment career.  Give it a shot and remember to adapt as your career does!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!