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Keeping Your Look Picture Perfect Even When the Weather Isn’t

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Your appearance can easily change along with the weather.  Cold air can mean chapped skin, spring can bring allergies and puffy eyes.  But, in the entertainment world, it’s important to look good in front of the camera.  And this sometimes means taking extra steps to make sure your look is on point.

Get enough rest. The number one way to wear yourself down from the inside out is forgetting to take a break and catch some z’s.  When you don’t get an adequate amount of sleep, it shows.  You may forget the lines you memorized orfumble for the words with noticeable bags under your eyes.  Even though this is the industry that never sleeps, you must, or you won’t be able to do, or look, your best.

Calm the cucumbers. Or, undereye bag removers from the local drug store.  Place these over your puffy eyes and watch as the swelling instantly goes down.  Adding an undereye cream after you get some pamper time in can also keep puffiness from returning later in the day.

Add more moisture. If you have weather-induced chapped lips and skin dryness, try swapping out your face lotion with one that has a longer lasting effect.  After applying, top any areas that are peeling with Vaseline to lock in moisture.  You can also use the same petroleum jelly on your lips or the bridge of your nose, or even apply an over-the-counter antibiotic cream for an immediate result.

Care for frizzy hair. Your mane can become brittle when it’s subjected to changing weather conditions.  Grab a moisturizing shampoo and add a once-weekly deep conditioner to your hair care routine to get its normal texture back.  You can also opt to go a few days without a formal wash, using dry shampoo instead.  This will help maintain your hair’s natural moisture.  Avoid using any other products until your locks look more balanced.

Take some time off. Sometimes there’s no way around it – you need a vacation.  Even if it’s a one-day staycation, this can work wonders.  It’ll give you time to have an at-home spa day so you can give your hair and skin the attention they deserve.  Breaking the daily routine and adding a little self-care into your schedule can go a long way.

It’s the pits when the weather causes not-so-ideal appearance issues, but with a few added steps to your routine, you can keep on ‘glowing’!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!