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Inexpensive Beauty Hacks

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No time and no money to spend on branded beauty tools?  Here are some things around the home that can double for use in your beauty routine.

Nail Dotter. The next time you’re painting your nails and want to add a few drops of top color, use a bobby pin rather than an actual nail dotting tool.  According to Destination Femme, the ends are similar, and the pin is likely to do just as well as this specific tool.

Liquid Brow Shaper.  Eyebrow definition is all the rage these days.  Shaping your brows to complement your face is a necessary art.  However, because eyebrows have been given extra attention as of late, there is a multitude of shaping products in the cosmetic lines claiming to be the perfect addition to your routine.  The truth is, however, you don’t have to put down a handful of cash on liquid brow makeup that matches your hair perfectly.  You can get a similar natural look by applying a few dabs of matching eye shadow.  Eye shadow palettes can be purchased at discount retailers such as TJMAXX or FIVE Below.  They can even be found at your local dollar store.  Consider surveying your shadow options before heading straight to “eyebrow” care.

Moisturizer. Loading up on Cerave or Aquafina to ensure your skin stays moisturized?  These products are petroleum jelly based.  Think Vaseline.  Petroleum jelly has been proven to lock in moisture.  This ingredient is so effective, in fact, that it is also used in A&D ointment to prevent diaper rash.  Instead of purchasing an expensive alternative, consider topping your everyday body lotion with Vaseline instead.  You can buy A&D ointment or a tub of Vaseline.  And, remember, a little goes a long way.

Hair Products. Be careful not to fall for an upsell the next time you go to the salon to get your hair trimmed, either.  Stylists are trained to sell the products on the shelves, many of which can also be found at your local grocery store, pharmacy or big-box retailer at half the price.  This is especially true of hairbrushes, sprays, and other styling tools.  Before falling for a tool “must-have,” politely decline and the help and head across the street to shop inexpensive alternatives.  You’ll be able to load up on a lot more than you would inside the salon.

Achieving the look you desire doesn’t have to empty your pocketbook.  There are many household items that can double as beauty aids and low-cost alternatives widely available.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!