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Versatile Makeup That’ll Go the Extra Mile

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Ok, ladies, which makeup has the most flexibility?  When you’re always on the go and you have limited purse space, this is a very important consideration.  Which cosmetics are the most compact while packing the biggest punch?  Here are a few that will go the distance.

Multi-colored pressed powder kit. These are easier to find now than ever before.  Gone are the days of having to choose a different compact for each of the colors you need – natural, bronzer, blush.  You can now get all the colors you need under one lid, which saves a ton of space in your bag!

Concealer pen. Invest in the right one and you can apply it heavier while on the road for an overall foundation or simply dab it over blemishes as intended.  Applying only to eyelids, then topping with your favorite color, will seal in shadow, or over lips will keep lipstick long-lasting.  You can even use it to hide scars and blemishes on other areas of the body prior to your next photoshoot.

Lip color palette. Like the pressed powder and eye shadow kits, you can now find these down many makeup aisles.  Carrying multiple options at once means you can interchange throughout the day or apply a dark color and finish with a dab of a lighter one just in the center of your bottom lip to maximize your pout.  As far as needing a mirror to apply, Laramie Glen of Book Your Look, a curated service for finding NYC hair and makeup artists, rightfully reminds us, “You don’t need an extra compact mirror if your blush or palette has a mirror in it.  Let your products do double duty.”

Stack-able loose eye-shadows.  Check out the aisles of Sephora for shadows that conveniently stack together so you can twist the lid off whichever one you wish to use and keep rest handy and easy-to-find for later.  Carrying loose shades means you can use the lighter ones on your cheeks or even on top of lips for added shimmer.

Creamy Eyebrow Pencil.  Pick a color with a wide range of uses, like brown.  You can line our eyes, then the outline of your lips prior to applying a deeper shade to seal in the color and dab on your cheekbones for a bronzer-like tint.

If you have multiple looks to pull off in a single shoot, or your day is jam-packed with running from photoshoot to photoshoot, add a few of these goodies to your bag to ensure you don’t have to squeeze in extra pit stops.  The most versatile the makeup finds, the more likely you’ll be able to use it to the last drop without having to add on another, too.  And, you won’t have to haul around an extra (or extra-heavy) tote!

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