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Beauty Finds Not Worth the Fuss

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Lip Pumpers. Lip pumpers, as a rule, slightly irritate lips.  They temporarily enlarge them but do not leave a lasting plump as the name suggests. In fact, pumpers can actually irritate lips too much, causing a stinging or burning sensation.  Used excessively, pumpers can also cause lips to chap and remain overly dry.  There are some makeup tricks that can also temporarily give lips a plumper look without the unneeded after effects.

Expensive Moisturizers. Most moisturizers, whether for the face or body, contain the same list of core ingredients.  According to cosmetic chemist, Joyce de Lemos,   “We have no problem taking an amazing formula and taking out the most expensive parts, like the proprietary ingredients or signature scent, then repackaging it for a cheaper product.  Giant brands will often take a formula from one brand that’s doing really well, and they’ll just decorate it and repackage it for another brand.”

What’s more, when a blend is listed as proprietary, the brand is not required to disclose the ingredients.  So, for all we know, only a very small percentage are active, and the rest is water.  This can easily be a marketing gig aimed at boosting the sticker price.

The next time you are shopping for a new bottle, grab a brand name product and compare it alongside a store brand.  Chances are there won’t be a significant difference other than the price tag.

Natural Makeup. The first thing we must understand is that “natural” is a general term without a specific definition that includes actually what constitutes as “natural.”  Therefore, one company’s definition can be very different from its competitors’.  While some makeup lines go the extra distance to ensure their products are indeed natural, especially for those with allergies or who require gluten-free options, just because a company says its line is “natural” this may not be the case.  Beware of clever wording, such as “contains natural botanicals.”  Perhaps a specific line contains natural botanicals, but this doesn’t mean the very same products don’t contain unnatural additives.  The manufacturer and its clever marketing team have chosen to focus on the position ingredients in order to mask any others.

Split-End Repair. There is an endless amount of hair products that claim they “repair split ends.”  While these products may contain ingredients that are helpful for maintaining healthy hair, there is no way to permanently repair split ends with product use.  The only way to eliminate these frazzled ends to make sure to trim them regularly.  So, while your hair may benefit from a blend of added vitamins and proteins, don’t accept to find the answer to your ends in a bottle.

When focusing on a specific beauty blunder and shopping for a quick-fix product, beware of the clever marketing tactics many manufacturers use.  Compare more expensive options with off-brands to see if there is truly a difference or the higher sticker price is just associated with the product’s name.  When in doubt, use common sense options like trimming split ends, rather than trying to mask them with magical ingredients.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!