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How To Care For Your Skin At Night

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Taking care of your face isn’t just a during-the-day thing.  You might scrub well in the A.M., apply moisturizer, add eye cream and SPF, and consider yourself set to hit the road.  But what you do at night is equally as important for maintaining a healthy glow.  What should you do before your head hits the pillow?  Here are some tips from Bustle.

Always Wash

It should go without saying that lying down on your pillow with a face full of toxins picked up during the day is a recipe for disaster.  As you toss and turn, you’re transferring this gunk onto your bedding, likely leading to unwanted blemishes by morning.  So, make sure you scrub away the day before heading to bed each night to clear your pores and ensure your truly starting fresh when you awake.


Exfoliating away dead skin cells and clogged pores will leave your palette looking new in no time.  It is better to exfoliate at night than early in the day, especially if you are adding makeup after your skincare routine.  This step opens up pores, which is better to do when you’re looking to get rid of layers rather than adding on afterward.

Make a Mask

If you don’t have time for any extra steps in the A.M., you can make up for it at night. There’s a multitude of natural ingredients that make excellent masks, including oatmeal and baking soda.  Simply apply and let dry, then wash away.


Just as you do before heading out, add a nighttime moisturizer to your skin to protect it while you rest.  Even if your skin tends to be on the oily side, moisturizers maintain elasticity, allowing it to keep its natural glow.

Try Toothpaste

If you notice a blemish or two when you’re going through the cleaning routine, toothpaste is an easy-to-find corrector.  Applying the paste directly atop your acne and letting it sit overnight could mean it’s all clear by the A.M.  Another great option to consider is tea tree oil.  This is an essential oil that can work wonders in many ways, including correcting your skin.  Apply just a drop and you’ll quickly see results.

Taking care of your skin is an essential part of keeping a youthful appearance, and it doesn’t end after your day begins.  Make sure to check back in at night so you can rest assured the extra self-care will really pay off.

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