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The Mechanics of Method Acting

Method acting surmises that actors can learn, through training and extensive practice, to realistically take on the traits of a fictional character to the point that they become that character for the duration of a project.  Instead of the traditional theory that acting is entirely presentational, method acting more closely aligns the actor with the […]


Don’t Forget to Just Be Real

The key to landing a role lies in ensuring when you exit the audition room, you leave the casting director inspired and excited to work with you.  And, part of this is as simple as having a pleasant personality.  First impressions are everything.  You might get a chance to come back even if you don’t […]


Should You Write Your Own Monologue?

Practice Grounding Techniques Before Recit While it has been done before, performing your own monologue is definitely a risky approach.  Presenting your writing at an audition could came across as a little over the top.  In fact, it may rub a casting director the wrong way.  It could look like you haven’t been booked in […]


From in Front of the Camera to Behind the Scenes

If you are ready to make the transition from actor to director, you already know this is no easy feat.  It will take some well-thought-out planning and preparation.  If you feel you have what it takes, however, the first step is to come up with a viable project and go from there.  There are also […]


Working Behind the Scenes Could Get You Right Out Front

Thinking a bit outside of the box will help you get your foot in the door.  What does this mean, exactly?  It means possessing the ability to think unconventionally when it comes to securing a spot in the spotlight.  Sure, you can audition, go to open calls, shoot out your headshot or letters of interest.  […]


Finding Your Voice and Understanding Its Range

Ever listen to yourself on a voice recording and think, ‘That can’t be me’?  Often, when you’re playing back an audio taping it seems foreign or distorted.  You mean think you sound squeaky or your voice is deeper than you thought.  And this is precisely why it is important to get to know your voice […]


Making it Big when You’re from a Map Dot

It is possible to make it in entertainment regardless of where you call home.  This means, you’re fully capable of breaking into the industry even if you’re on a first name basis with everyone in your town.  It all comes down to how badly you really want this and how hard you’re willing to work. […]


Playing an Instrument at An Audition

Playing an instrument on top of memorizing lines for an audition can be nerve-racking, but if you have a gift for music, there’s a very real possibility you’ll have to keep your instrument of choice in tow and play it for an audience.  Instead of concentrating on how anxiety-provoking this may be, pat yourself on […]

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