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5 Tips for Finding Netflix Casting Calls

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Looking for the best places to find Netflix casting calls?  You’re in luck.  The pandemic may have you stuck at home, but you can easily find casting calls from the comfort of your living room.  Just remember, even if you’re just getting started, Netflix likes to audition acting talent with representation.  So, make sure you get all of the necessary pieces of your marketing puzzle into place before you start your search.

There are a ton of casting sites on the web listing Netflix calls alongside many others, much like a modern-day version of the classifieds.  Of course, there are some companies that are more reputable than others and you’ll want to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of when you click through a listing and submit your information.

This is why seeking representation, then seeing what you can come up with from home, is also a good idea.  You’ll want to create a list of open gigs and pass this along to your agent, so they can take it from there.  Agents are industry insiders and understand when something is legit and, more importantly, when it’s a scam.  Just because an ad doesn’t have any fine print that doesn’t mean it’s actually affiliated with the worldwide streaming service.  Let your agent decide if you should move forward or not.

In scouring the web, you’ll also want to know which Netflix casting calls will be the best fit based on your own career goals and type as an actor.  Your agent can give you some advice about this part, but it’s important to understand your own needs in the process as well and not to conform to something that doesn’t seem right for you.  At the end of the day, this is your career, and you can give the green light, or not.

Netflix casting calls are extremely competitive.  The streaming service is known by practically anyone who owns a device on which it can stream, and certainly by anyone who has a leg up in entertainment.  So, you’ll want to take all of the steps necessary before you submit your contact information to give yourself a competitive advantage.  This doesn’t mean that thousands of others aren’t doing the same – it just means you can join their ranks and give yourself a spot.

Save the best sites for Netflix casting calls to the favorites section of your internet browser so you can have quick access whenever you get a minute to see if anything new had posted.  If you’re serious about getting your start, you’ll want to check back daily – or even more than once daily.  There are new castings being posted all the time.  It’s also helpful to know when your favorites typically hold calls, so you can set a reminder for yourself to check back whenever there’s a new role to be filled.

The entertainment industry, as a whole, is highly competitive, but, if you put the work in and have some patience, it is possible to see your efforts come to fruition.  Netflix casting calls are being posted all the time – if you don’t get called after you first submission, try and try again!

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