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What to Avoid Wearing to Your Next Audition

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You may have a general idea of what you plan to wear to your next monologue read. 

However, there are a few not-so-obvious rules to follow when it comes to selecting successful script reading attire, and you will definitely want to dress to impress.  Follow these tips to ensure you choose clothing that allows the casting director to concentrate on your words rather than your wardrobe.

Avoid flashy patterns. Not only are these distracting, but the camera does not like busy prints.  It is best to avoid bright colors and intricate designs.  Instead, opt for an ensemble that is simple and professional.

Do not underdress, either. You may be used to wearing comfy leggings at home, but this does not mean you should look like you went straight from the bed to the boardroom.  Even if you try to dress up your legwear with a business casual top, it is going to be hard for the CD to forget about your bottom half.

Absolutely no jeans. Denim is the equivalent to underdressed.  While there are certain pieces that look a little more put together, you should save these for your next trip out with friends.  Pick out some business casual pants instead.

Wear what fits. This may seem like a no-brainer, but oftentimes, we wear things that seem comfortable while being a bit too tight or too revealing.  It is best to button up and choose lose fabrics that are eye-catching – in the right way.  If you are questioning how an outfit looks, ask for a second opinion before you head out the door.

Skip the costume wear. Forget about choosing clothing that instantly transforms you into the character you are hoping to play.  If you are trying out for the part of a martial artist, clown, punk rocker, or some other over-the-top character, save the dramatics for after you are booked.  Instead, let your lines showcase your ability to portray this fictional person.

Go light on the makeup and accessories. Too much of either can easily avert one’s attention from your performance to your appearance.  Some jewelry will also hit the lightening the wrong way and deflect from your face.  Accessorize with caution and allow the CD to see the real you without having to guess who is behind the palette.

Before your next appointment, select an outfit that is comfortable, yet classy, and fitted, yet figure friendly.  Do not overdo it with hard-to-forget add-ons.  Remember, less is more, and the performance you have prepared already has enough pizazz!

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