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How To Perform On Acting Casting Calls – Ins & Outs of Casting Calls

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Acting Calling Your Name? The Ins & Outs of Casting Calls

Acting casting calls are everywhere.  Literally.  If you think you have to be in a big city, just take a peek online and chances are, there’s an opportunity within driving distance.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be smack dab in the middle of an entertainment hotspot.  If you are in a city that is a movie production hub, then rest assure you will be faced with a lot of competing talent.

If you stumble upon some acting casting calls in your area while scouring the web and are eager to attend, there’s a few things you will need to do before you head out the door.  First, read the ads from top to bottom and follow all of the instructions.  You will likely be asked to submit materials before you audition.  An impromptu open call will also have specific requirements detailing what to bring.

The casting may have limited information, or it may be very concise.  It may include a general range of character types and ages or a full breakdown.  Acting casting calls vary by project type, production company, genre, creative preference, and many other factors – hence the importance of reading the entire post to ensure it is a good fit and you know what to expect.

A monologue will be needed to showcase your talent.  This is a fairly standard requirement of most acting casting calls.  If the choice is left open-ended, select a piece that is appropriate for the role you wish to play.  There are a few very popular, sometimes overused, monologues available online.  It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these ahead of time so you do not bore the Casting Director or read a popular piece in an unintended way.  Select a script you feel comfortable with that demonstrates your range.

Acting casting calls typically require a headshot, too – either submitted ahead of time or brought with you to the audition.  If you have an opportunity to present in person, what you wear will be noticed in the first few seconds after you walk through the door.  Dress professionally, but do not overdo it.  While you can sometimes dress like the character you’re hoping to play (i.e., the role of a business executive), you don’t always want to go this route.  Unless it is required, you would look pretty silly showing up to in full superhero garb.

Above all, arrive on time and give it your all.  Acting casting calls are all about getting booked by being prepared, polite, professional, and pulling off the part.

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