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5 Essential Acting Tips Every Newbie Should Know

You’ve landed your first audition – congratulations! Now it’s time to give ‘em all you’ve got. From the way you look, to the way you present, every detail counts and you have only a few minutes to make a lasting first impression. So, how can you be sure you ‘wow’ spectators with your performance? Here’s a few tips.


4 Netflix Audition Tips

Netflix hosts a variety of movies and TV shows that are sure to be looking for new talent, especially when pilot season hits or a new project is getting started. What’s more, this household staple is well-known for being open to casting newbies in the entertainment world, which means you go from streaming your favorites from your living room to letting them jumpstart your career. Here’s how to audition for Netflix.


How To Perform On Acting Casting Calls – Ins & Outs of Casting Calls

Acting casting calls are everywhere. Literally. If you think you have to be in a big city, just take a peek online and chances are, there’s an opportunity within driving distance. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be smack dab in the middle of an entertainment hotspot. If you are in a city that is a movie production hub, then rest assure you will be faced with a lot of competing talent.


What to Avoid Wearing to Your Next Audition

Here’s a few not-so-obvious rules to follow when it comes to selecting successful script reading attire, and you will definitely want to dress to impress. Follow these tips to ensure you choose clothing that allows the casting director to concentrate on your words rather than your wardrobe.


So You Want To Become a Movie and TV Show Actor

You always were curious about how successful actors effectively practiced acting every day. And how they stayed so confident and conquered anxiety. You simply want to learn how to take control of your acting career.


Scouring Publications for Gigs

You can use trade publications to search for potential opportunities.  You just need to get a bit creative.  Most won’t list roles in the classifies.  Think outside of the box and leverage your industry contracts to start booking gigs.  Here’s what to look for: Project coverage. Many newspapers and magazines will announce when a new […]


How to Visually Tell Your Story

The entertainment industry is full of attractive people who want to be stars.  This goes without saying.  So, when you’re creating your headshot, it’s not enough to be photogenic.  Your shot could still easily get lost in the crowd.  You’ll want to create a visually appealing pic that truly depicts who you and why you’re […]


How to use YouTube to Expand Your Reach

YouTube can be a highly effective way to get yourself out there for the world to see.  It should be part of your marketing package, which also includes your resume, portfolio, and headshot and any other social media handles. There are many things you can do with a YouTube channel.  Finding your niche and the […]

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