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3 Ways to Cover Any Tattoo

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Opps!  That casting you would be a really good fit for doesn’t allow any body ink and you have a very visible tattoo.  What to do?  Try covering it up, of course!  It’s very possible no one will ever notice if you select the right products and apply them just so.  However, proper preparation is key, and it may take more than one trail run to pull it off.

Here is the first way to cover any tattoo.

First, make sure you can actually coverup the tattoo and it’s not going to be too hard to do.  Whether or not this is possible has a lot to do with the size, color, and location.  While it may be easy to apply the right amount of makeup to your ankle to mask the ink, it may not be so easy to do away with an entire arm sleeve.  You’ll have to use your best judgement and proceed accordingly. 

Here is the second way to cover any tattoo.

If the tattoo size is small enough to conceal with makeup, do a trial run.  Pick up some long-lasting cover in your skin tone and apply before you head to your appointment.  Sometimes you’ll need a blend of two or more tones to make it look just right.  Adding powder atop the cream will help seal it in.  If you don’t select just the right products, however, they can rub off or your skin may look bruised, which will only draw more attention to the area.  You’ll want to practice applying any products before the big day to make sure you get the routine down pat.

Clean the tattoo with a gentle body wash and pat dry.  Then, add a makeup primer to help ensure the tint is securely locked into place.  As strange as it may seem, you’ll want to apply an orange tint first to neutralize the color.  Then, trace the outer edges of the tat with a concealer and let it dry.

Here is the third way to cover any tattoo.

After you’ve prepped the area and neutralized the tone, choose a foundation that closely matches your skin.  Again, you may have to blend together more than one for the best results.  Apply in the center and pat to the outer edge, ensuring an even result.  Then, let the area dry.  Pat a powder on top to seal in the foundation.  You can also pick up a makeup finishing spray that is designed to keep colors in place.  This will pull double duty in sealing in the look.

covering tattoo

If done properly, you may still be able to apply for the gig you’ve been eyeballing and pull it off should you get booked.  Test out the results of this routine in advance to see if you can spot the coverup attempt and determine how long it will stick before the makeup begins to wear off.  Take some time on the big day to follow the same process so your tattoo is properly covered and worry more about your performance than your appearance!

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