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5 Essential Acting Tips Every Newbie Should Know

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You’ve landed your first audition – congratulations!  Now it’s time to give ‘em all you’ve got.  From the way you look, to the way you present, every detail counts and you have only a few minutes to make a lasting first impression.  So, how can you be sure you ‘wow’ spectators with your performance?  Here’s a few tips.

One of the most basic acting tips is to think of your audition as a job interview.  You will be presenting to someone looking to hire you based on your performance, and whether or not you make it, an audition is a great learning experience.  Practice makes perfect.  Always understand what you are auditioning for before you enter the room and give yourself enough time to prepare for this role.  You will likely be given sides and a breakdown ahead of time to review, so take plenty of time to do so.  Actors must also bring a headshot and resume to every audition.  Follow the specific audition format provided to you in advance, so you come across as well-prepared and professional. 

If you haven’t had time to memorize your lines – i.e., you were invited to a same-day opportunity – don’t be afraid to read directly from the script or monologue provided, but make sure you get into part rather than simply reading through the lines.  You can ask to begin your read again if you get half-way through and fumble.  During an open casting call or casting audition, another person may read lines with you, playing out a particular scene, and you may be given acting tips to incorporate into the interplay.  If you’re auditioning for a spot on a television show, be prepared to follow cue cards.

You may also be asked to read from the same script several times with or without additional direction.  Don’t get flustered – any extra time given is a good sign.  Additional acting tips offered means the casting director is willing to devote a few extra minutes to get to know you better.

Once your audition is completed, if you’re not trying out for a same-day role, you will need to thank your audience for their time and head home to wait for a callback.  You will likely receive a general timeframe in which to expect a call.  Make sure you remain available, keeping your phone handy.  This is one of those acting tips that is easily overlooked, yet essential.  If it’s not possible to reach you, the casting director will likely move on to the next pick.

If booked, spend some time memorizing the script that’s sent as well as researching the period in which the project is set and all other necessary details, including those pertaining specifically to your character.  Always arrive on set on time, ready to work, and willing to take constructive criticism and acting tips from others.  It is essential for all crew members to work as a team to pull off a project, and any miscommunications or conflicts of interest only serve to delay this common end goal.

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