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4 Netflix Audition Tips

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If the pandemic has you at home scouring for auditions now more than ever before, you’re in luck!  Netflix hosts a variety of movies and TV shows that are sure to be looking for new talent, especially when pilot season hits or a new project is getting started.  What’s more, this household staple is well-known for being open to casting newbies in the entertainment world, which means you go from streaming your favorites from your living room to letting them jumpstart your career.  Here’s how to audition for Netflix.

First thing’s first, if you want to know how to audition for Netflix, you’ll have to decide which categories best suit you and start doing some research.  The streaming service hosts an expansive variety of genres, formats, and unique plot lines, all produced and distributed by the company.  This means the opportunity to find your niche and start getting involved is even closer than you may think.  But you’ll want to have an idea of the direction in which you want to head.

According to industry insiders, Netflix does not host open calls, and there are thousands of aspiring actors who likely searching for these open call opportunities.  So, it can be vital to hire a talent agent or a manager who can advocate on your behalf.  Asking an expert how to audition for Netflix might be your best bet for getting in the door in the quickest way possible.  Think about it this way – casting directors simply do not have the time to review thoroughly every audition tape that comes through the door (especially at a company as popular as Netflix).  It’s much easier to believe in the pitch of an agent or manager, which will entice them to give you a chance. 

If you’re wondering how to audition for Netflix using a reel, you’ll need to put together a video of your performances which best demonstrate your range as an actor.  This means, you’ll want to start by building your resume with local opportunities, getting a great headshot and promoting yourself on social media.  If you do some of this work up front, you’ll be taken seriously, and your experience will be evident.

You’ll also want to be able to tell your agent which shows are most appealing to you as you’re learning how to audition for Netflix.  Consider which shows are your favorites and figure out how they’ve been cast in the past.  Having this information will make you look knowledgeable and determined to secure a spot this go-round.

Finally, in considering how to audition for Netflix, and actually get booked, remember to stay confident in yourself.  Don’t clam up when you make into an audition room.  You’ve gotten this far and now it’s time to push through to the end!  Give it your all, exuding natural charisma rather than superficial charm or letting the spotlight get the best of you.  Quiet your nerves and focus on the task at hand.  Then, take a deep breath and show ‘them what you’ve got! 

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