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What not to Ask an Agent

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If you have scored a meeting with an agent, congrats!  That is a big step career-wise.  Now, you will want to get ready to for the big day so you can appear confident when you sit down to talk business.  There are a few things you will want to ask, and perhaps even more importantly, there are a few things you should never ask.  Keep these questions off the table:

How many clients do you have?

Never ask the question “How many clients do you have?”

Do your own research ahead of time.  You can easily find the information you are looking for on the web without having to evoke an awkward conversation.  Asking about an agent’s client load makes you look unprepared.  Plus, there’s just no real reason to inquire.  Unless you are the first person to ever walk through the door, the response probably will not sway your decision.

Do you have any clients like me?

Never ask the question “Do you have any clients like me?”

The answer is likely “yes” and that is precisely why the agent has agreed to meet with you.  You may be concerned you will not get enough attention, but the truth is, many agents are awesome at working with a particular demographic.  So, they work with that demographic.  It is that simple.  This does not mean you will not get booked on gigs.  It means the agent has the expertise to market you in a way that will ensure you get noticed.

What is the best way to reach you?

Never ask the question “What is the best way to reach you?”

Well, you made it to the interview, right?  So, you must have a way of reaching out.  Plus, if you are meeting with a reputable agency, the communicative terms should already be evident.  And, if the agent is interested, you will be given the details before you leave the room.  So, allow the conversation some time to properly wrap without appearing overly eager and attempting to beat the other person to the punch.  If it seems like a good match, you will be invited to whatever is next in the process.

Most meetings last roughly thirty minutes, during which time the agent will probably answer most of your questions without prompting.  It is important to do your homework ahead of time, too, so you can fill in the blanks as needed.  Remember, not only is the agency deciding if they want to work with you, but you will want to have some solid reasons of your own for partnering with the person in front of you.  Preparing well-thought-out questions, rather than a frivolous few, will show you are both motivated and ready to move forward.

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