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Photo Fundamentals: Finding a Great Photographer

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Finding great photographers is essential to creating stand-out marketing materials.

You want your photos to turn out just right the first time.  The key to finding the perfect photographer, of course, is to do your research ahead of time.  You don’t want to go out on a limb and haphazardly book a fly-by-night company only to be left without the final product or shots you’re sure you could have taken yourself.

It can be really easy to book anyone you’d like if you have all the money to spend in the world, but unfortunately, that’s typically not the case.  Before you start looking, you’ll want to have an idea of the amount you’re willing to dish out for some professional shots.  Remember, you need these to be good, so chances are you will need to invest a little time and money into make sure they turn out the way you want them to.  Again, you are likely to get what you pay for, and finding great photographers can mean searching at a moderately high price range.

Photographer at work with model in the professionally equipped studio.

Location may or may not factor into finding great photographers in your area

Usually, there’s going to be a least a couple close to home, because people need photography for a variety of reasons, including business marketing, school and family pictures, special events, etc.  So, try to find studios that are focus on a certain niche or style of photography. The photographers that are best at Commercial Photography, Fashion Photography, Wedding Photographers and Portrait Photography, would be your best choice. They are most familiar with posing in all the framed shots you would need.  They would know that you need a perfect balance of full body, waist up and head shots. Try to stay away from Scenic, as they are not used to shooting people. Always call if you have any questions.

Young smiling photographer with camera in professionally equipped studio.

Entertainment Industry experience is a huge plus when it comes to finding great photographers.

Not everyone who is talented with a camera will come with insider knowledge of all-things entertainment.  However, if you can find one in your area, all the better.  These individuals know what casting directors and agents are looking for photo-wise so they can really nail the shots.  They will be able to best position you in the studio and get a variety of images to ‘wow’ whoever is reviewing your materials.

Scour the web for studios nearby that come with favorable reviews.  It always helps to check the number of reviews left as well.  If a place has a five-star rating left by one, this may not be as creditable as four-and-a-half-star feedback from a hundred visitors.  Investigate the reviews that are less than perfect.  What went wrong?  Sometimes people are simply reluctant to give the full five stars, so finding great photographers can be a subjective search.

Man Busy Photographer Editing Home Office Concept

When you’re deciding who to work with to create your image portfolio, do your research ahead of time.  Keep an eye out for go-to references and industry experience.  Finding great photographers takes some extra planning but the results are always worth it!

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