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What Are Modeling Comp Cards and Why Should Every Model Have One?

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Modeling comp cards are what can be defined as a model portfolio. They serve as business cards, essentially providing casting agents with a visual representation of the model in various different looks and appearances.

Modeling comp cards are the first thing you will need to have in order to properly prepare for an open call for a modeling agency or casting agent. A comp card is short abbreviation for composite card. It is the model’s way of presenting themselves on paper and through photos. It contains some basic and important information such as name, measurements, photos, and contact information. It is often put into a visual data base to help the agency search and select models for a particular job.

Why is it important to have and use a modeling comp card?

When modeling agencies are looking for models, they have already determined what type of model they want for a specific job. For example, if they are looking for blondes, they will select all the models with blonde hair that fit the requirements and sent it out to the scouts, agencies, and clients. The choice will fall solely on the comp card itself. Since it is the photos that are most important in influencing the choice, the comp card should really be the best version of the model’s portfolio.

The modeling comp card and the portfolio book should always be with the model when there are castings, auditioning, or attending modeling job interviews. It helps the agencies, and the clients keep up with the selection and make the shortlist. On many occasions, the models that have come without a modeling comp card never make the shortlist.

What should you include in your modeling comp card?

As expected, the modeling comp card is much bigger than a regular business card. The standard size is A5 or 5.5″ x 8.5″. It is usually printed on both sides.

The most basic modeling comp card has a particular layout. On the first side, there is the model’s name, stats, and headshot. The stats should include the following: height, vital stats – dimensions (bust\chest, waist, hips), hair and eye color, and shoe number. The headshot, that is the photograph, that shows at close-up of the model’s face. The face should never be covered because it presents an assumption that some flaw is covered. You should also never wear hats of any kind, as it makes it hard to identify hair type and color.

The second side of the comp card should be composed of 4 to 6 different photos of the model’s portfolio, appearance, and previous engagements that should serve as a reference. This is basically a mini-portfolio and should consist of a variety of looks from sports attire to business casual. If the model belongs to some modeling agency, their information is usually found on this side of the modeling comp card. For those who are newbies, freelancers, and beginners, personal contact information should be placed on the second page.

Why and when is the time to update the modeling comp card?

As mentioned above, the modeling comp card is a small and miniature version of a portfolio, which displays all the previous and current engagements. As the career of the model develops, the comp card must be frequently updated to show the latest engagements and jobs. Photographs and images taken on those new jobs must be displayed in the updated comp card version. If there are magazine pieces, front pages, and campaign images, they should all be included in the new modeling comp card. Also, it does not only reflect the career positions and changes but also the visual and personal changes. This includes the change in hair length and color. Every change must be followed by a new headshot because it puts the model into a different selection category.

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, the latest version of your modeling card should always be with you at all times. Also, with easy access to the virtual clouds and a personal email account, you should have a digital modeling comp card ready to be sent whenever needed and upon request.

Using the Comp Card to your advantage

An impressive modeling comp card can go a long way. It can be the main reason why you were selected for a certain job. In the modeling industry, everything is about tastes and personal choices. The fashion designers and fashion houses are always looking for people who will deliver their vision, creativity, and products in the best way possible. That is why there are always job opportunities for those seeking to succeed in the modeling industry.

Whatever your talents and skills are, never forget that the impressive, well-composed, and updated modeling comp card can define or ruin your career. Keep it colorful, varied, true, and representable. Diversity is much appreciated nowadays so everything that stands out of the ordinary and delivers something outside the box will be considered as a much-desired virtue.

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