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More Glam On Instagram – 5 Tips for Influencers

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Glamour tips for influencers are important because, as an influencer, your appearance is a huge part of your brand.  Getting glammed up allows you to make an impression on your social media followers and continue to attract new followers, increases your marketability, and ensures you’re retain your audience.

Those who follow you will likely be influenced by not only your message, but how you present yourself.  So that you’re prepared to present in a way that its admirable and conveys the overarching message you’re trying to get across, here’s five tips to do just that.

First, adhere to certain glamour tips for influencers when you’re advocating for a particular cause and are out there networking so you can post relevant info about what you’ve been up to and how you’re creating change – all the while looking your very best.  Your look has to match your message, and the best way to get your message across is to post a vlog, which is basically the visual version of a blog.  Style your hair and makeup in a way that fits with the video’s purpose before hitting record. 

People on Social media want motion captured visuals, which is why glamour tips for influencers go beyond still photos.  Your followers want to see you in a more personal way and the best way for them to know, like, trust and relate to you as a REAL personal is to glamourize yourself in a video.  Next, remember others are drawn to your eyes, whether you’re posting an image or are broadcasting in video form, so, you’ll want to draw all the right attention to this area. 

Apply a primer that is one shade lighter than the area between your brow and lid in order to keep your shadow in place.  You’ll also want to work on your blending skills to achieve the best balance of colors that compliments while keeping a natural and neutral façade.  Always keep it real – even if this takes some extra effort.

Don’t forget to highlight your best features and downplay those you’re more insecure about, which will help boost confidence so you can focus on posing or what you’re going to say in front of the camera rather than how you look.  Have great cheekbones?  Add a highlighter and a hint of blush.  Known for amazing lips?  Play pout your pout and play down the rest of your palette with nudes.  Influencers should always focus on influencing, and to do so, insecurities have to take a backseat.  Then, focus on your ‘hair dew’.  This is one of those glamour tips for influencers that is likely to catch fire by your followers, causing copycat chaos across the globe!  Find the best fit for your face shape while also selecting one that fits both your physical appearance and personality.  Add a pop of color for a finishing touch. 

For some hair and makeup inspiration and extra glamour tips for influencers, check out what’s trending and take it up a notch to make the style uniquely yours.  And if you’re not sure what your best look is when you’re just getting started, schedule an appointment with a makeup artist and a hairstylist who can show you the latest style trends.  Oftentimes, they have insider knowledge on what’s about to be hot so you can be on the forefront of any up-and-coming trends.  They’ll help you decide which direction might be best for adding some extra pizzazz.  Glamour tips for influencers from these industry pros will take your image to the next level.

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