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4 Tips for Making Your Online Photos Pop

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Knowing how to market yourself online is an important must-have skill, and you’ll want to focus on how to make your online photos pop.  Editing them in a way to make your best features stand out while retaining overall quality is key.  At the same time, you can adjust an image to downplay not-so photogenic aspects before positioning it on the page.  Here are four tips that you’ll want to keep in your back pocket.

In considering how to make your online photos pop, you’ll first want to get familiar with some basic editing features such as highlights, shadows, whites, and darks, saturation, contrast, sharpen, and tone.  All of these tools can help balance the image.  You might find a free editor online that also includes an auto-fix setting, which will automatically apply the best filtering to each photo.

Next, remember, anything in the background can take away from what’s in the foreground.  So, if you’re hoping to include a shot taken in a busy metropolis location or with lots of people, you’ll want to eliminate this background “noise.”  Think about how to make your online photos pop by playing around with the focus before posting.  Colors and shapes in the background can also easily distract from the main focal point, even if, at first glance, they’re not obviously “busy.”  Your best bet it to adjust them to be a bit out of focus, so everything that’s not supposed to be attention-grabbing blends together, drawing the eye forward. 

A third tip to think about in plotting how to make your online photos pop is to modify high contrast scenes, such as those taken on the beach at sunset.  It’s important to adjust both the highlights and the shadows to find the correct balance and be able to identify your facial features against the other colors.  Altering the whites will bring out the bright parts of the foreground, eliminating shadows on your face without affecting the darker spots in the backdrop.  This will maintain contrast between the background and foreground, which will instantly allow the focal point to stand out against picturesque scenery.

Finally, remember, you don’t have to look too far when you’re figuring out how to make your online photos pop.  Every camera nowadays has built-in settings that will allow you to adjust your images, and the tools are more advanced than they have been in the past, meaning you can get decent quality photos at affordable costing camera.  These adjustments are found in the camera’s settings, and the menu will look slightly different depending on what you choose to use, but all are relatively the same.  Once you find where the editing settings is housed, you’ll want to make sure you’re using it to make adjustments before posting each image.

Smartphone editors are especially straightforward.  They come equipped with easy-to-use tools to eliminate blemishes, rotate and crop, adjust for color and brightness and apply a filter.  Sometimes, how to make your online photos popsimply means spending an extra second or two on the basics before your image goes live.

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