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Putting Your Personality into Your Personal Brand

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When you are getting started in entertainment, it’s important to follow some tips for creating a personal brand.  Before you can take that first step, you will have to understand who you are, exactly, and where you’re going career-wise so you can ensure you’re taking steps in the right direction.  Ask yourself what you are most passionate about and why you’re embarking on this journey to begin with.  These may seem like surface inquiries, but you are actually forcing yourself to dig deep.  Remember, your image is what determines your value in the industry or worth to your fans and clients – you can’t ‘just wing’ this part and expect to become a breakout success. 

Building your brand means building your reputation, so sticking with solid tips for creating a personal brand will allow you to do it the right way, without rushing into things.  If you have always wanted to pursue high fashion modeling, commercial acting, or be a lead actor in feature film, these are your passions.  Once you’ve defined what these are, you’ll build your brand around these goals.  Researching how other famous entertainers made their way to the top can also help you understand what it takes to set yourself apart.  Finding the “it” factor that made this possible will allow you to apply this to your own unique journey.  What did they do to market themselves? What did they do to stand out and stay relevant, amidst the fierce competition? Why are these personal brands so recognizable?

Of course, one of the best tips for creating a personal brand is to incorporate your own personality into your strategy to make it effective.  Building an authentic identity is key to having it go the distance and generating the recognition it deserves.  What makes you you?  When you are not busy hustling for gigs, what else do you like to do?  What are you known for?

What does people say you are so good at? How would others describe you?  

You will develop some specific marketing materials based on what you’ve come up with along the way.  There are very specific items you will need to use to attract the right attention in the entertainment world.  Some of the essentials include a headshot, comp card, and a resume.  You may also want to put together a portfolio, tear sheets, look-book, reels or other materials after you’ve gained some experience along the way and have some credits to work with.  One of the most important tips for creating a personal brand, too, is to establish an online presence early on in your journey that depicts who you are and who you aspire to be.

When it comes to brand strategy, there are specific self-exploratory steps to follow, and there is a very real chance you’ll discover a thing or two about yourself in the process.  You will also need some entertainment know-how to portray an image that stands out (in all the right ways) and has staying potential.  So, do your homework, research tips for creating a personal brand from industry influencers, and you will be well on your way to making your mark!

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