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4 Tips for Applying to Print Modeling Casting Calls

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If you’re especially photogenic, you may have considered jumping into the print modeling game.  Print models pose for a variety of publications, often selling products or services for the clients that hire them.  You’ve probably seen their work in newspapers, magazines, catalogs, outside of storefronts, and more.  Best of all, the world of print does not have strict set of physical requirements like high fashion.  There are no height requirements, and you can get booked regardless of your physical features as long as you have the look a client is searching for.  Here are some tips for applying to print modeling casting calls.

The best way to get started in print is to be prepared to sell what you’ve got even before submitting your materials.  You should already have your marketing package ready to go.  This means, you’ll want to have some hi-res photos that show your range.  You also want to have an idea of where, exactly, you’re hoping to get your start.  Are you planning to stay put or move to an entertainment hotspot where there are plenty of opportunities, but the competition is fierce?  Are there enough options nearby?  Knowing what your aspirations and limitations are ahead of time is important.  This will determine which print modeling casting calls you’re eligible for.

When you’re getting your best images together for print modeling casting calls, have them organized in a way that’s easily accessible to you as well as anyone you plan to send them to.  Because you’re going to want to store hi-quality, hi-res files, you’ll want to offer them to clients virtually in a way that they can be easily opened and arranged.  This may include creating a webpage and uploading them there, establishing a drop box for clients to access, or having some other type of platform set up online from which you’ll be able to share.  In print modeling, your photos are like gold and you’ll want to make sure you know where to find them and how to guide a client to them at any given time.

Of course, you’ll also want to have your photos printed out professionally and placed in a look book for clients to browse when you’re meeting with them in-person.  It’s important to have both online and print copies handy at all times.  You might opt to get a physical portfolio created through the photographer or another third-party after your shoot to bring with you to print modeling casting calls.  But this tends to require a significant investment and the photos are not as easily updated – so, keep that in mind.

Get to know the market before you start to apply to print modeling casting calls.  You may want to create a list of all of the advertising and marketing agencies in your area in addition to any talent agencies and management companies.  These agencies sometimes hire models directly for their ads.  If you jot down a few that are familiar, take your research one step further and try to find out how they operate and how they might conduct their interviews.  The more info you can dig up, the better. 

Getting into print modeling is easier than breaking into the fashion industry, but it still takes some leg work.  There are plenty of print modeling casting calls in cyberspace.  Doing a little upfront prep will help you find those for which you’ll be a great fit!

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