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“Hocus Pocus 2” is Seeking Extras

Kendall Cooper Casting is now accepting submissions for Extras to be in the upcoming feature-length motion picture “Hocus Pocus 2”. Filming will start in October and run through December 2021 […]


4 Ways to Avoid Problems with Your Agent

If you want to avoid problems with your agent, don’t ask any questions for which the response is obvious.  For example, if you are a 20-year-old female, don’t ask the agent if they are well-versed in working with your demographic.  The answer is likely ‘yes’, and that is precisely why they’re interested in you.  Even if it’s a ‘no’,  would that really change anything?  Agents don’t have to represent every demographic to have knowledge about what they need to do to work with you. 


3 Myths About Transitioning from TV to Film

Another myth about making the transition is that there is little change to the dialogue piece.  The length of dialogue per scene is much shorter in television than in film and the rhythm is quicker.  If looking to evolve from being a TV star to film work, it will be essential for the actor to slow their speech a bit and be able to consume more lines of dialogue.


5 Key Elements of Every Successful Audition

If you have an audition coming up – congratulations!  This should be a moment of celebration. However, there is likely so much running through your mind preparing to give a successful audition that it can make it difficult to see it as such.  What monologue should you use?  How should you dress? 


3 Ways to Cover Any Tattoo

Opps!  That casting you would be a really good fit for doesn’t allow any body ink and you have a very visible tattoo.  What to do?  Try covering it up, of course!  It’s very possible no one will ever notice if you select the right products and apply them just so.  However, proper preparation is key, and it may take more than one trail run to pull it off.


3 Habits of A-list Actors

Getting started in acting requires dedication, determination, and effective time management skills.  If you want to get ahead, it’s best to have some tangible ways to get there in your back pocket.  Knowing what works and what doesn’t will help you get busy moving your career forward without wasting too much energy or resources.  Here are three habits of the most successful actors.


3 Rebranding Tips for Going from a Child to an Adult Actor

Whether you are a child actor in a television series, a well-known feature film or in a hit commercial, you already have some experience in front of the camera, which is great.  However, transitioning from a lovable child to an adult actor who’s taken seriously is no small feat.  Here are a few tips for rebranding successfully.


5 Simple Ways to Get Your Stand-up Career Off the Ground

It can be tough to get your comedy career off the ground, but it’s all about staying motivated and advocating for yourself, while finding a niche for your jokes.  You’ll want to follow these five easy tips to ensure your standing out as a stand-up comedian.

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