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Behind the Scenes: A Day On Set as a Professional Model

For aspiring or beginner models, stepping onto a professional set for the first time can be both thrilling and intimidating. Understanding what to expect can help you navigate this new environment with confidence and ease. Here’s a detailed look at a typical day on set for a professional model. Early Morning: Preparation and Call Time […]


Casting Call for New Dexter Spinoff

That’s right, Dexter is returning with a new show titled “Dexter: Origins,” set to begin production in just a few weeks, much to the delight of fans of the hit Showtime series. Currently, there is a casting call for extras interested in small, roles on set in Miami. Casting directors in the Miami, Florida area are looking to fill these roles for the upcoming production[…]


Temp Jobs and Talent: Making It Work While Making It Big

Acting is a profession of passion, and while you’re chasing that breakout role, temp jobs can offer the flexibility and income needed to support your dream. Here’s how to not just survive but thrive in temporary positions, with tips that move beyond the basic advice, leveraging them as stepping stones in your acting career. Leverage […]


The Best Beauty Products for Quick Backstage Touch-Ups

In the fast-paced world of theater and film, actors need reliable beauty products that offer quick fixes during those crucial backstage moments. Here’s a rundown of some top recommended products and tips for maintaining a flawless appearance right up until the final curtain call or the last take of the day. Dry Shampoo A quick […]


Viola Spolin’s Method: How Improvisation Shapes Better Actors

Viola Spolin, often hailed as the “mother of modern improvisation,” revolutionized acting with her development of Theater Games, a series of exercises designed to foster creativity and spontaneity through playful engagement. These games not only enhanced actors’ abilities to be present in the moment but also emphasized the importance of a communal experience in theater, […]


Spike Lee Film Announces Open Casting Call

An open casting call for background actors will be held in Brooklyn. The project is looking for individuals of all ages and ethnic backgrounds for various minor, non-speaking roles. Spike Lee, the renowned director celebrated for his distinctive narrative style and social critiques, boasts a prolific career with projects spanning several decades.[…]


Stepping into Character: Physicality and Voice Work for Actors

In the transformative journey of an actor, physicality and voice work are two of the most potent tools in the creation of a believable and compelling character. Whether you’re preparing for a role on stage or for the screen, the way you use your body and voice can communicate your character’s history, emotions, and motivations […]


Casting Call for Stranger Things

The hit TV series “Stranger Things” is back in production for its much-awaited 2024 season. The chance to become an Extra on the set of “Stranger Things” is now available. This supernatural original, set in the 1980s in the quaint town of Hawkins, Indiana, centers on a group of young friends investigating the mysterious vanishing of one of their peers..[…]

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