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4 Ways to Say ‘No’ Without Burning a Bridge

Not every offer you’ll get over the course of your entertainment career will seem appealing.  In fact, some may be outright deceitful, presented by scam artists and something you’ll definitely want to avoid.  While it can be difficult to spot scams or hard to say ‘no’ to an opportunity that you feel wouldn’t advance your career, here are a few ways to decline these offers gracefully.


5 Clever Tips for Hiding Scars

If you have a photo shoot, audition or an open call coming up, chances are if you have them, you may be feeling self-conscious about visible scars.  You’ve probably seen many actors and actresses with scars, and these, for the most part, aren’t a big deal other than the fact that they can make you overthink and distract you from giving your all.


3 Challenges Every New Actor Faces

It’s no secret that acting is a challenging profession.  Some of these challenges may be avoidable while others are not.  Many of these challenges have a lot to do with an actor’s perspective of his or her abilities and they can be avoided, or at least made easier with practice. 


Casting Call for Tyler Perry’s “Sistas”

Casting Directors for Season 4 are looking for Extras (ages 18 and older) to be in scenes of the hit Tyler Perry series. Casting for the following specific Extras for scenes next week: MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2021, Law Firm Background […]


5 Questions You’ll Want to Ask Your Business Manager

So, you’ve landed a new business manager, congrats! This is a great step in the right direction career-wise.  However, you’ll likely have a few questions about what, exactly, this partnership will look like and what to expect from this new representation.  Here are a few questions you’ll want to ask up front to make the most of your time together.


4 Simple Ways to Stay Booked

Being successful in the entertainment industry means building a resume that will help you make it to the top, and the only way to do that is to get – and keep getting – booked.  What steps can you take to make this happen?  Here are a few simple ways to stay busy.


4 Problems to Avoid When Signing a Contract

If you’ve landed an agency contract or have any type of modeling or acting deal in the works, it’s important to understand a thing or two about how they work before you sign on the bottom line.  Otherwise, you may end up putting yourself in a situation you’ll eventually regret and one from which it is difficult to break free of.  Here are five problems you can avoid before your name is in permanent ink.


3 Myths About Modeling

There are many myths about modeling that can easily be debunked so you can start strutting your stuff on the runway or posing for print gigs.  If you’ve heard about any of these, you aren’t alone.  These misconceptions keep many young people with big dreams of modeling from getting their start.  Here are three of the most common myths.

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