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The More Versatile Your Photos Greater Your Chances of Getting Booked: 5 Tips

In the entertainment industry, as long as you’re able to pass as a certain age, you can play the role of a character that is that age. In other words, you’ll want to develop a versatile range rather than sticking only to roles that are meant for your exact age.


“Sex and the City: And Just Like That” Casting Call

Sex and the City is back with a new series! “And Just Like That” will premiere on HBO Max, though casting teams are now calling for actors to film upcoming scenes for a two day shoot. […]


7 Tips to Emailing a Casting Director

There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to emailing a casting director. You’ll want to be short and sweet, to the point, but also have enough information in your correspondence to ensure your submission is easy to review. Here’s a few tips for how to email a casting director.


5 Tips to Making the Most of an Acting Workshop

When you’re planning to attend an acting workshop, preparation is key. The more you prepare, the less nervous you’ll be. You’ll want to ensure you have the times down pat so you’re not rushing and have something picked out to wear ahead of time.


4 Tips on How to Get Film Grants

You’ve got an awesome idea for a film in mind, have everything planned out, but you don’t have the budget to actually make it happen. At this point, you may be wondering how to pull together the funds to bring your project to life.


How to Get an Agent: 5 Tips

Looking for an agent? The process may be easier than you think as long as you’re at a point in your career that you feel it’s time to get started. Here’s how to get an agent in five easy step


5 Tips for Getting Cast in Acting Gigs

So, you’ve gotten your marketing materials together and you have a terrific headshot ready to send. Now what? How will you actually find acting gigs and get cast? Here’s some tips for getting started.


Voice Acting is Hard Work: Here’s 4 Tips

If you want to land some voice acting jobs, first you’ll need to fine tune your technique. It’s not super easy to land these gigs, but if you are determined enough, it’s a great way to showcase your range (and you may even get to work from home). Here’s how.

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