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Wet Hair, Don’t Care!

Running late and have no time to spend worrying about drying your locks?  Never fear, the age of wet hair trending is here!  When you need to make it out the door, like fifteen minutes ago, you can quickly turn to one of today’s popular styles and still make it to open call on time. […]


How and When to Wear Hair Extensions

Actors and models seem to be able to switch up their hairstyles in a blink of the eye.  How, might you ask?  Welcome to the world of extensions.  If extensions seem terrifying, they’re not.  They’re more commonplace than ever nowadays with easy-to-apply options that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t tried to fake it before.  […]


How to Grow Long Hair in a Hurry

If you’re looking to add real length to your hair – like, as soon as possible – don’t be fooled into picking up some miracle, overnight fix that probably doesn’t work.  Here are a few solutions you can add onto your self-care routine that will promote growth naturally and effectively. It’s not a wives’ tale […]


How to Care for Swimmer’s Hair

We all know swimming can be fun and gets you out of the sun – but, it can also wreak havoc on your hair if you let it.  So, while you’re taking a dip this summer, considering being extra careful by adding a few things to your hair care routine. Chlorine, which is a common […]


Glamorous On-the-Go Up-dos

So, you were asked to be the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding.  You’re the guest of honor at an event.  Or, maybe you’re simply the hostess with the mostest.  Whatever the case, you need to look glam, which means, you need a glamorous up-do.  The only problem?  Time!  Your schedule is jammed […]


Simple Flaw-Zappers For The Beauty On The Go

There are some simple quick-fixes everyone should know for correcting everyday issues related to a busy schedule and the toll it inevitably takes on our physical appearance.  Let’s take a closer look. Under-eye Circles.  The best fix for dark circles is r-e-s-t.  Under-eye bags are a clear indicator of a schedule without enough downtime.  Seasonal […]


33 Chicago Talent Picked to Audition for Moroccanoil Event

Moroccan Oil is AN INDUSTRY PIONEER: What began as a single, revolutionary product, eventually pioneered a new category in the beauty industry. It has grown into a full line of hair and body products, all infused with nourishing antioxidant-rich argan oil, signature to the brand. Dedicated to providing the highest quality hair and body products, Moroccanoil […]


The Truth about Hair Extensions: The Kardashian Craze!

What role do hair extensions play in the Kardashian beauty routine? Why are they so popular nowadays amongst women around the world? These questions are continually asked by plenty of people, which is why we’ve comprised this list of the biggest reasons why hair extensions are so important to get the real Kardashian look that […]

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