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How to Grow Long Hair in a Hurry

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If you’re looking to add real length to your hair – like, as soon as possible – don’t be fooled into picking up some miracle, overnight fix that probably doesn’t work.  Here are a few solutions you can add onto your self-care routine that will promote growth naturally and effectively.

It’s not a wives’ tale – you really do have to trim your split ends to see results.  Schedule frequent trims with your hairdresser so your locks stay healthy and keep on growing.  If you don’t have the extra change to spend, simply trim about an inch along the bottom once a month.  For shoulder length hair, tie in low ponytail and snip evenly across the base of the band.  You can trim up any uneven areas after the initial cut.

You should let your natural color grow in, too.  Avoid the urge to switch things up until you’ve grown your hair out to the desired length.  Colors, especially those over the counter, can dry out your ends.  Brittle hair will easily break, making adding some length next to impossible.  Forgoing any bleaching will increase the dexterity of the strands over time, making them stronger and more apt to grow.  As your locks start to get longer, you can trim out any leftover color and allow your natural hue to take over.

Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner regularly and add a once weekly hair mask that includes biotin or keratin.  Try to wash in lukewarm water or at least finish with a cool rinse.  Applying a deep conditioner to cleansed hair and leaving it under a cap for 20 minutes once a week will improve texture and aid hair growth.  You should also try going a day or two between washes, using a dry shampoo on any greasy looking areas instead.  This will help your hair maintain the natural oils needed to add length.

Incorporate super foods into your diet – whole foods rich in antioxidants – such as salmon, blueberries, and avocados, which are packed full of the nutrients needed to keep your locks healthy.  Eggs, spinach, seeds, and nuts are also great options, and adding oral supplements such as vitamins C, D, and E as well as biotin and omega-3 fatty acids will speed up the process.

Try these at-home options and skip any fancy, too-good-too-be true products on the market.  Making some simple changes will lead to luscious locks without a large investment.

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