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Wet Hair, Don’t Care!

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Running late and have no time to spend worrying about drying your locks?  Never fear, the age of wet hair trending is here!  When you need to make it out the door, like fifteen minutes ago, you can quickly turn to one of today’s popular styles and still make it to open call on time.

How long is your commute?  If you have a head of hair that needs little care, you might just keep your locks down and let them air dry on the way.  If you’re not going to arrive at your destination for a half hour or so, you should have just enough time to pull off an ‘I-did-dry-it look’ without wasting extra time at home.

If your hair doesn’t do so well with a natural dry, try collecting it in bun band, a popular product that allows you to pull your hair back into a holder, than roll it up and clamp it together all in one piece for a perfect ballerina bun with little effort.  You can also opt to create a fashionable braid or the ever-popular ponytail braid.

Another option is to spritz some mousse into your palms and crunch your hair until you have a natural wave.  Beach-like locks are all the rage and take little time to pull off.  They can add depth to your hair, too, making it look more voluminous than if you were to spend time drying it straight.

Of course, if you have naturally curly hair, you’re probably not worried about drying it unless you are trying to accomplish a thick, straight ‘do.  When you have little time, let your natural look shine.  Put a bit of product into the curls to keep them from frizzing and head out the door.

Drying your hair everyday can lead to split ends and strands in dire need of some moisture.  It’s best to skip the hair dryer altogether when you can.  This means, even if you have some extra time to spare, you may want to try out some of these options and make them part of your routine.  You can also skip a day of washing and add dry shampoo to your roots instead.  This will help save you some time on styling and is a quick fix if you can go a day or two without your mane becoming unmanageable.

Instead of running late to your next appointment, try out a wet-hair style that will allow you to stay punctual and focus on the task at hand.

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