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How and When to Wear Hair Extensions

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Actors and models seem to be able to switch up their hairstyles in a blink of the eye.  How, might you ask?  Welcome to the world of extensions.  If extensions seem terrifying, they’re not.  They’re more commonplace than ever nowadays with easy-to-apply options that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t tried to fake it before.  If a shoot fits you perfectly, but requires a longer length or certain style, add some impromptu extensions and show the casting director or photographer you’re willing to improvise.  Being able to diversify your look on a whim is a key asset to have in the industry.

So, what are your options and how can you get started?  First, you’ll likely want to find a color that closely matches your natural locks – unless, of course, you’ll be totally transforming your hue.  Head to a hair stylist supply store and browse the selection.  Chances are they’ll have a diverse product base, including clip-ons, weave-ins, glue-ins, and those made from synthetic or real hair with every style and length possible.  Select the match that suits you best, and if you’re looking to do this yourself at home, you may want to go the clip-in route rather than trying a more complicated product used by professionals.

If you’re switching up your ‘do due to an upcoming audition, be prepared to purchase extensions that look like you’re wearing your hair down naturally rather than those that are simply meant to add volume to an updo.  You might want to select single strands so you can place them where you want rather than a larger piece that acts more like an all-over wig. 

If you have natural or salon-infused highlights, fear not.  There are many extensions that come highlight-ready with two or three tones that’ll blend right in.  The same goes for ombre looks or those that include both short and long sections of hair.  You can even opt for vibrant rainbow shades if you dare.

Whatever you do, leave room for a few practice rounds before the big day.  Adding extensions may not be entirely intuitive at first and will likely require some pre-planning.  Figuring out how to add hair pieces at home will save you big bucks, though, and allow you to keep things interesting, switching up your look as often as you’d like.  Next time there’s a gig that requires a certain style, you’ll have it down pat.

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