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The Truth about Hair Extensions: The Kardashian Craze!

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What role do hair extensions play in the Kardashian beauty routine? Why are they so popular nowadays amongst women around the world?

These questions are continually asked by plenty of people, which is why we’ve comprised this list of the biggest reasons why hair extensions are so important to get the real Kardashian look that you’d like to achieve.

Allowing your hair to have a break from daily wear.

You might be using hair care products, heat and styling absolutely every day of the week. This can take its toll on your hair and it can benefit greatly from a break, allowing it to regrow and bring back some of the natural oils that should be present.


Any woman that doesn’t have time to fully do their hair everyday can easily add different textures. Adding hair extensions is a quick way to give off the impression that you’ve spent hours on your hair in the morning, which is something that’s pretty important when you’re as busy as a Kardashian (Kim’s currently working on acting parts for the big screen), which is possibly another reason why she’s making so much use of them.


Damage to the hair can be avoided by removing the need to dye it to change color. You also have the benefit of being able to alter streaks of color on a daily basis.

Adding length and thickness.

This is an essential step to achieving those flourishing, thick locks that Kim is always strutting around in. And you’ll see results very quickly, as opposed to the use of hair product and dietary changes.

Reaching the desired length – easily!

Women are known to cut their hair and instantly be full of regret about their decision. Equally, women can also sometimes struggle to grow their hair out once it’s reached a particular length. Hair extensions offer a quick fix to both of these issues.

Hair extensions are going to let your natural hair grow. Using tape hair extensions won’t cause any damage to your actual hair, making it a brilliant alternative for whenever you’re waiting on your natural hair to recover from a dye job gone wrong, split ends, a bad haircut or whatever other issue comes about. They’re also a great way to increase self esteem. What woman doesn’t enjoy long, healthy looking hair?

One thing’s for sure about Kardashian’s hair, and that’s that it’s totally amazing and bound to stun anyone that sees it. It’s certainly a key aspect of her look and goes a long way to boosting her already strong beauty routine.

Kim Kardashian’s shiny, thick hair gives the masses a whirlwind of hair envy every day, and Khloe Kardashian’s perfectly tousled, long locks are certainly no exception. She’s got a look that’s perfectly polished and lush, inspiring quite a hefty obsession for many of her fans around the world. Using hair extensions will certainly bring you a step closer to achieving that show-stopping Kardashian style.

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