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3 Tips For Beauty Solutions Based on Facial Features

impact.  First determine what your skin and hair type is, then pick out which products will work. You can take a look at a magazine if you need help.  Here are some beauty solutions based on your facial features.


5 Hair and Makeup Tips for Your Next Audition

When it comes to styling your hair and choosing the right makeup palette for your next audition, it’s important to remember that casting directors want to see you.  You were invited to audition for a role because your headshot matched what the CD was looking for.  That being said, if you choose just the right amount of makeup and a hairstyle that landed you an audition, you’re doing something right.


5 Clever Tips for Hiding Scars

If you have a photo shoot, audition or an open call coming up, chances are if you have them, you may be feeling self-conscious about visible scars.  You’ve probably seen many actors and actresses with scars, and these, for the most part, aren’t a big deal other than the fact that they can make you overthink and distract you from giving your all.


3 Tips for Hiding Undereye Circles

It’s no secret – everyone has them. And nobody wants them. Undereye circles are an annoying part of being human. You probably feel like you’re constantly trying to conceal the evitable that pops up every morning whether or not you’ve gotten enough shuteye. If you’re not quite sure your efforts are paying off, you’re definitely not alone


4 Tips for Becoming More Photogenic

Being photogenic may seem like something you’re just born with – either you have it or you don’t. But that’s simply not the case. There are certain techniques that can help you be more camera-friendly. Here are just a few tips for becoming more photogenic.


5 Makeup Tips for Instagram Model Influencers

When it comes to make-up tips for Instagram model influencers, there are specific must-dos to draw in the most followers. If done the right way, a model can grab a ton of attention in a very little amount of time.


4 Tips for Making Your Online Photos Pop

Knowing how to market yourself online is an important must-have skill, and you’ll want to focus on how to make your online photos pop. Editing them in a way to make your best features stand out while retaining overall quality is key.


5 Tips to Avoid Over Filtering Your Photos

It’s important to consider how not to over filter your photos when you’re editing them to post online. There are a ton of tools you can use to make your photos stand out, but there are also many ways in which you can over filter – and there’s a fine line between adding and reducing quality.

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